“The Five” Gets “Spicy”

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Recent episodes of Fox News Channel’s “The Five” indicate that the co-hosts’ exchanges are becoming more heated. Jessica Tarlov, a Democratic strategist, is the focal point of the heated discussions since her viewpoint appears to be a liberal counterbalance on the programme.

Sebastian Gorka, a former deputy assistant to the president of the United States and conservative commentator, recently shared a tape from an episode of “The Five” in which the co-hosts get into a heated argument over news pertaining to Donald Trump.
The topic of discussion in that section was Truth Social, the social networking platform founded by former President Trump, and the following spike in its price on the first day of trade. Furthermore, Truth Social can get almost $3.5 billion following Digital World Acquisition Corp.

“Is it just me or is @TheFive getting really out of control and spicy?” Gorka commented on X. Jesse Watters first spilt Jessica Tarlov, and now Greg Guttfeld is involved. This is something you must watch! Tarlov says, “Listen, I have always said this: Donald Trump gets really lucky,” at the start of the video.
The other co-hosts of the show quickly criticised the comment, with Jeanine Pirro asking a pointed question, “Is that what it is?” Greg Gutfeld moaned, “Obviously.” “Oh, it’s the genius of true social that has under 500,000 users for the last nine months and 2023,” Tarlov retaliated.
Incredulously, Jesse Watters questioned, “What do you know, Jessica?” Returning the favour, Gutfeld said, “I’m always intrigued. I adore it .

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