Spoiled herself irretrievably. Basinger, 69, came out after plastic surgery

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Kim Basinger, an American actress, model, and singer, turned 69 on December 8. The Hollywood diva appears to have decided to keep up with her celebrity colleagues by changing her appearance.

Kim has lost her former beauty and charm in her pursuit of eternal youth. The new appearance of the beauty in the world created quite a stir.

Basinger is hard to recognize in the new photos. “Where’s Kim?”, “What did plastic surgeons do to the beauty?”, “She was one of the most beautiful women in the ’90s”, “I don’t want to believe that’s Kim”, “She ruined herself with plastic”,

“Women, why do you do this to yourself?”, “She was beautiful without plastic surgery. Why would she do that?”, “What did she do to her face?”, the model’s fans were perplexed in the comments.

And what do you think about plastic surgery?

Would you risk having a makeover?

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