She stopped to talk to this homeless person every day, until he gave her a piece of paper that changed his life forever!

Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho lived anonymously for 35 years, he was just another face of the thousands of people that make up Brazil’s homeless community.

Every day, he used any paper he could find and used it to extract his abilities as a songwriter and a philosopher. He sat at the same spot every day, his “island”, as he used to call it, and everyday people just passed by him.. ignoring him completely. For the world, he was just a dirty old homeless guy that catches some space in the street.

In his wildest dreams, he dreamed that perhaps one day people will remember his words, maybe they will get published, but deep inside he knew that it is unlikely that anyone will ever read them. And then, one day, during spring 2011, something happend that changed his life forever.

A young woman by the name Shalla Monteiro noticed him and befriended him. Every day she stopped by his side, talked to him, and one day Raimundo gave her his songs. She decided to open a Facebook page for him, so his songs will be shared with others.

What happend after that was nothing but a pure miracle.

Watch this video for the incredible story.