“Shameless” Hotel Guests Walk Out After Stealing Everything That Was In Their Room

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In a daring act of audacity, two hotel guests recently made headlines for stripping their room of every conceivable item they could carry, leaving behind only the soap and shampoo. Their bold escapade was caught on the hotel’s CCTV cameras, where they were seen smiling mischievously before disappearing without a trace.

The incident unfolded at the Dolphin Hotel, a newly-opened boutique establishment in Pembroke Dock, West Wales. The two guests arrived at the hotel, much to the staff’s initial surprise, with no luggage in tow. However, their intentions became clear when they returned to their car to fetch empty bags, which they proceeded to fill with items from their room.

Among the items pilfered by the duo were two fluffy white bath towels, two hand towels, an electric fan, two lamps, a kettle, a tea caddy, and a tower extension block complete with USB ports. Their loot, valued at approximately £200, also included the remote control for the room’s entertainment system. The cheeky pair seemed to revel in their actions, even smiling directly into the CCTV cameras that would later capture their audacious act.

Hotel staff later found that the perpetrators had left behind only the soap and shampoo in the bathroom, making off with virtually everything else in the room. The incident was promptly reported to the local authorities, with Dyfed-Powys Police confirming that an investigation was underway.

Natalie Newton, the 43-year-old landlady of the Dolphin Hotel, expressed her disbelief at the audacity of the theft. She recounted how the guests had appeared super-friendly upon checking in, despite their lack of luggage raising initial suspicion. Newton also revealed that the guests had initially faced a declined card payment upon arrival, with the woman producing a different card to settle the bill.

The hotel’s CCTV footage also captured the pair spending time at the hotel bar and taking their drinks to the beer garden, where the man was observed smoking. The next morning, they were tardy in checking out, and by the time hotel staff entered the room, the duo had vanished without a trace. This left room number 3 at the Dolphin Hotel devoid of furnishings, forcing the hotel to temporarily close it to guests until replacements could be arranged.

Natalie expressed her frustration at the situation, particularly since the stolen items included expensive fluffy white towels she had thoughtfully placed in each room. The stolen items would only be replaced by Monday morning, creating an inconvenience for both the hotel and its guests.

Natalie and her partner, Ben Randall, had opened the Dolphin Hotel in 2019, transforming a family-owned pub into the charming boutique establishment it is today. The incident was posted on social media by Natalie in the hopes of identifying the culprits and prompting them to be held accountable for their actions.

As the investigation unfolds, the audacious actions of these two hotel guests will likely serve as a cautionary tale, reminding businesses to be vigilant and prepared for such unexpected behavior. The case also raises questions about security measures in hospitality establishments, highlighting the importance of surveillance systems in maintaining the safety and integrity of guest spaces.

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