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A popular Instagram model was half-dressed and terrified when she heard gunfire erupt inside her home. Thinking of her seven-year-old son and husband, she grabbed a gun and started shooting at armed home invaders — and it was all caught on video.

Ansley Pacheco (Credit: Instagram)

Ansley Pacheco, an Instagram model, had the scare of her life when armed intruders broke into her home. According to The Sun, Ansley was in her bed, wearing only a t-shirt and panties, when all hell broke loose at her Miami home.

Around 8 p.m., Ansley’s husband, Daniel Pacheco, was on the couch with some friends watching an NBA basketball game when the two intruders forced their way into the residence. According to reports, they followed a guest inside and held him at gunpoint. Ansley, her husband, and the guests said they didn’t recognize the intruders.

Ansley Pacheco (Credit: Instagram)

The criminals ordered everyone to get on the floor and began stealing expensive jewelry from the people in the living room, which was captured on video by a home security camera. Another camera catches the Instagram model in her bedroom. Ansley grabbed an object from a nightstand and started yelling at the suspects.

Ansley can be seen in the video unlocking her bedroom door and shielding herself against the wall while wearing only a T-shirt and underwear. “While I was in the bathroom, I started to hear the commotion,” the social media influencer said. “I started hearing, ‘Get down, get down, give me everything you got,’” she recalled.

Ansley Pacheco (Credit: Instagram)

“I went to the nightstand. I grabbed the gun, and I opened the door,” Ansley added. “I saw one of the guys face to face with me. He told me to put my gun down. I just shook my head no, and then I said, ‘Don’t shoot me, my son is in here.’” She then started firing shots at the home invaders. “I just knew that I had to do something, and my first instinct was to grab the gun and defend my husband and my son,” she explained.

According to the incident report, the robbers fired back at her as they fled the residence. When they were gone, Daniel Pacheco grabbed the gun from Ansley Pacheco and raced outside to face the robbers, who were escaping in a dark-colored vehicle. According to the police report, Daniel fired at the vehicle as it fled northbound on NW 86th Avenue.

Ansley Pacheco (Credit: Instagram)

Ansley told Inside Edition that the perpetrators fired “six or seven times” at her “They could’ve killed me, and they could’ve killed my son. They were shooting right over his head. They didn’t care,” she declared. Ansley stated that their home was filled with bullet holes. It’s unclear if the gunmen knew who she was.

According to reports, the armed intruders, who broke into the Miami home of the Instagram influencer, made off with over $100,000 in property. An incident report detailing the crime said the robbers stole a $50,000 gold chain, a $33,000 watch, a phone, and other items totaling $102,000, the Daily Mailreported.

Social media personalities are at a high risk for crimes. Known on social media as Miss Mercedes Morr, Jenae Gagnier, 33, amassed almost three million followers on Instagram. Among them was the man who would take her life, police believe. The man suspected of killing her, Kevin Alexander Accorto, 34, of Florida, was also found dead at the scene. He died from “multiple sharp force trauma,” according to the medical examiner, who ruled his death a suicide.
Family members told KHOU that they believe that Accorto stalked Gagnier before killing her. Police told ABC-13 that there was no sign of forced entry, but they said that Gagnier did not appear to know her attacker. More and more young people on social media are seeking out fame. It can be a dangerous thing. Ansley Pacheco made it out alive, while Jenae Gagnier paid the highest price for trading her privacy for the public spotlight.

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