‘Police pulled me over for MOT and gave me fine – but randy man paid it’

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“I feel like sex appeal isn’t really the biggest form of making money now. People are so nosy and get invested in that daily situation.

“But if you tease on socials to be like, ‘my God, you guys I’ve had an altercation with the police today. and if you want to find out, come to my OnlyFans’

“The amount of people who actually invested, especially on Twitter, so they’ll subscribe and be like ‘what happened with the police?’

“And it’s like wow, you didn’t actually subscribe to see my nudes you just subscribe to find out what the goss is for the day.”

Nova ditched her wedding coordinator job to pursue a career in the sex industry. Three years on, the feisty model and cam girl is well established in the saucy job where she earns at least £4,000 a month

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