Police Caution Of Harmful New Trick That Targets Anybody Who Shops At Walmart Is Growing Fast

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When her husband was slashed in the hand by a razor protruding from a Walmart shopping cart in Wadsworth, Ohio, she had the fright of her life.

A customer was injured at a Walmart in Cleveland when she attempted to take out an abandoned shopping cart. According to Cheryl Johnson, her and her husband Mel were out buying late at night when he went to move an abandoned shopping basket ahead of him. That’s when Johnson felt a sharp jab in her hand and realized that he had cut himself on a razor.The knife, as seen in the photograph taken by Cheryl, was inverted. Fortunately, her husband was only wounded by the blade’s edge. The Johnsons reported it to store employees and management, and they filed an incident report with the store. Johnson says she’s afraid this is something that may happen across the country, so she’s trying to warn others.

The Walmart headquarters was contacted for comment, and the incident in Wadsworth was confirmed. It’s true that razor blades have been hidden in Walmart shopping cart handles across the United States, according to the company.

This isn’t the first time a Walmart has been the location of an incident. In 2015, while cleaning the edges with a wipe, her kid discovered something strange beneath the handles at his local Walmart in Dawson.Customers and other people who were nearby were asked to leave the store as a safety precaution. Other customers and passers-by who had been near the cart at the time of the incident were also asked to go outside, according to Zimmerman. When she examined her hand, Zimmerman realized she had sliced it open because there was something metal sticking out of the handle

Why would someone hide razor blades under handlebar counters? Because it’s easy. According to Walmart Inc., a shoplifter may cut a security tag and store the blade in the shopping cart handle to facilitate avoiding security cameras. The blade is usually kept with the sharp end facing into the handle, so as not to hurt anybody. (At least these

In the Johnson matter, Walmart stated that staff do daily checks to look for additional razors in shopping cart handles.Fortunately, both people involved were only lightly injured, but if you think about it, things could have been a lot worse. To avoid situations like this, make checks before hand by looking under the handlebar and on all sides. If you have children, double-check before placing them in their seats. Not doing so might result in a serious laceration.

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