Plus-Sized Model Is Named The Sexiest Woman Of The Year

Some people are just born to walk the catwalk, and plus-size model Ashley Graham is one of those people. She was originally discovered back when she was twelve during a visit to a mall in Nevada. Ever since then, she has been posing for some of the world’s top brands and companies. Now, Ashley Graham, a well-known plus-size model, has been officially named by Maxim as the Sexiest Woman for the 2023 list, which has opened up an entirely new world of “sexy” since Graham does not abide by typical beauty standards in American culture given that she has a plus-size frame.

“We can look at everybody’s shapes and sizes, gender, ethnicity, and age as part of who they are; it doesn’t have to be a negative or a positive,” Graham told Maxim during the shoot.

Maxim magazine posted their May/June cover with Ashley Graham as the number one hot one hundred world’s sexiest women. Along with the cover shot of their magazine, they uploaded a caption that stated, “The queen of curves is as gorgeous as she is inspirational, whether she’s posing for glamorous photoshoots as the World’s Sexiest Woman or making head-spinning red carpet appearances. Pick up a copy at a newsstand near you or head to the link in the bio to read the full cover story. Stay tuned for the full 2023 Maxim Hot 100 reveal.”

Graham is extremely proud to be pioneering new beauty standards for the American fashion landscape. As a plus-size model who has made a lucrative career working across the industry for numerous world-class brands and companies, she believes that her position as the top sexiest woman in the world, according to Maxim, is an example of how the times are changing for the better.

“It should be something that’s easily embraced, and we don’t need to be having these conversations all the time,” she noted. “Our bodies are always changing, and they’re always evolving. I’ve been using my own body as a tool to be able to talk about these feelings.”

Ashley Graham also said, “A lot of them started in the early days, though, because of the impact that they made. My TED Talk, being on the cover of Sports Illustrated; my book, which is called ‘A New Mode’ l; my Barbie, which was made in my likeness; definitely the multiple amazing covers I’ve had — the Voguesand the Ellesand, the Bazaars.”

On the Maxim Instagram page, there was a mixed reaction to Ashley Graham being selected as the world’s sexiest woman alive in 2023.

“Can we please stop endorsing healthy living? Go to the gym, eat a salad, and stop making excuses to be lazy,” wrote one critic who does not support the plus-size movement.

Another critic wrote, “I’m calling ‘woke’ on this one.”

What do you think about Ashley Graham, a plus-size model, being selected as the world’s sexiest woman alive according to the latest issue of Maxim magazine?