Pittsburgh’s Final Protester Is Cut By Coach Tomlin: “Go Protest Somewhere Else”

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“Mike Tomlin, head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, has no intention of working with football players who wish to kneel during the playing of the national anthem. No matter what policies the mainstream media may or may not have previously covered, he finds them to be an undesirable distraction.

Players gradually either ceased the nonsense or quit the team on their own as a result of our prediction coming true. Defensive end DaJoe Barron, the final holdout, learned the hard way that he doesn’t set the rules.

“I’ve cut you. a free agent. Tomlin probably said, “Go protest somewhere else. “We don’t need the bad publicity.”

Barron promises to contact the Player’s Association for assistance, but they don’t sound too optimistic. The motive and actionability in this particular case, according to union spokesman Art Tubolls, are problematic. Nobody really understands why these stories continue to receive so much attention, and you can’t really sue for something that never happened.

Barron, who was first in the NFL for tackles in 2016, won’t be playing for the Steelers going forward. He once traveled in a Jeep with Drew Bledsoe from Fort Lauderdale to Miami, and he owns two Super Bowl rings. The event is remembered as “the ride that never was.” Those close to Bledsoe said that the primary motivation for it was to exceed the required 200 words for this absurd narrative.

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