Paris Hilton is upset about unkind comments online about her son’s head size. She defended him, saying, “‘He just has a big brain.”

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Fame and being well-known can be really fun. You get lots of money, go to fancy parties, and meet important people. But it also means people judge and criticize you a lot.

Paris Hilton knows this well because she’s been famous for a long time.

Recently, mean people on the internet started saying hurtful things about her baby son, Phoenix Barron. They made fun of his head size.

Paris, who is always very confident, quickly stood up for her son and defended him.

Paris Hilton and her husband, Carter Reum, became parents to Phoenix through a surrogate earlier this year. It’s their first child together, although Carter has a daughter named Evie from a past relationship. As new parents, they’ve been learning how to take care of their baby with lots of love.

Recently, the family went to New York, and Paris shared a photo of herself holding Phoenix online.

But instead of nice comments, some people were mean about Phoenix’s head size. They said things like, “That baby’s got a big brain,” and “I heard they made that baby in a lab, and she didn’t even carry it.” Others joined in with more mean comments.

Paris responded to the mean comments by saying, “Some people are really mean. My baby is totally healthy. Yes, he’s been to the doctor, he just has a big brain.”

She also mentioned how much her parents adore her son. She often asks her mom and sister, Nicky Hilton, for advice, and she feels lucky to have such a supportive family

This situation shows that even famous people like Paris Hilton can face mean comments online. But kids should never be targets for negativity. Paris showed how much she loves her son by speaking out against the mean comments.

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