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Little Aaron was heartbroken and missed his mother terribly after he was told she had passed away in a car crash. But years later, he recognized a woman’s tattoo when he stopped her from robbing a hotel guest miles away from his hometown. “OMG! Mom? Is that really you?” he asked, unable to believe she was standing alive before his eyes.

Lisa applied another coat of lipstick and pressed her lips together, admiring herself in the compact mirror. She looked perfect enough to lure her next target.

Stuffing her things in her purse, Lisa returned to the bar counter, where she had met 42-year-old Henry not long ago.

“I hate noisy places, you know…” she said, seductively running her fingers along his shoulder. “We should find a quieter place…for us, don’t you think?”

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Henry chugged the whiskey in front of him and pulled Lisa closer. She cringed but maintained her smile. “I know one not far from here, beautiful,” he said, his breath stinking of alcohol.

Lisa wanted to push him away. But not until she had mugged him. “But, my love,” he said. “I can’t promise it’ll remain quiet after we get there…if you catch my drift,” he chuckled.

Men. They fail to surprise me. Idiots! Lisa thought with disgust.

“Well, I can barely wait,” she said, forcing a smile.

“Another Whiskey-Coke, please. Keep ’em coming,” she said, turning to the bartender. Lisa was a regular at the bar, and the bartender knew she avoided alcohol whenever she was with a ‘gentleman.’ So he winked at her, smiling, and poured only Coke into her glass.

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As Lisa enjoyed her non-alcoholic drink, she noticed Henry succumbing to his whiskey. After downing the third glass, he could barely stand, and Lisa quickly put her arms around him.

“Careful, my loot!” she frowned, realizing he was too heavy for her. “Let me help you to your room!” She frantically searched his jacket pockets and pulled out his hotel room keys.

“Excellent!” she grinned. “Let’s get you out of here.”

Once they were in Henry’s hotel room, Lisa made him another drink and sneaked sleeping pills into it. She slipped away, telling him she was going for a quick shower, and when she returned, he had dozed off on the bed. Lisa quickly checked if he was in his senses, and to her relief, he was in a deep sleep.

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Lisa had to be quick. She rummaged through his pockets, but all she found were a couple of sticky dollar bills and coins.

“$70?!” she sneered, counting the money. “That’s all he got?! Do all these jerks come here to escape their dull lives without cash?!”

In a hurry, Lisa began searching through his closet, but she found nothing. No money there either. She then looked under his bed and found his suitcase. As she opened it and landed her hand on a thick wad of cash, the room door burst open.

“What the hell!” A young man appeared in the doorway and charged at her.

“What are you doing?” he screamed, twisting her arms behind her. “How did you get in? Who are you?”

“Leave me alone!” she cried. “It’s none of your business, boy!”

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“Wait!” The man’s grip suddenly loosened around her arms. “Is your name Elizabeth?”

“So? Why do you care?” she snapped. “Get off of me!”

“I can’t believe this!” he gasped, his eyes fixed on her neck tattoo. “You’re my mother! And you’re alive! But how…what’s going on?”

Lisa’s face turned pale as she turned around to face him. “This…this is crazy…” she whispered, tears springing to her eyes. “This…this can’t be! You can’t be my son!” She shook her head.

But as Lisa looked up into his piercingly blue, innocent eyes, she knew she was lying to herself. The young man who stood in front of her eyes was her flesh and flood, her little boy she had cradled in her arms when he was a baby, the boy who had held her fingers when he took his first steps.

Lisa’s eyes welled up with tears as her past flashed before her eyes.

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Twenty years ago: That fateful day that changed Lisa’s life…

“Really, Lisa? That’s what you’ve come down to? You’re performing in those cheap pubs and bars! And you didn’t even think it was necessary to inform me?” Steve lashed out. It was the first time Lisa’s dreams had gotten to her head. She was sick of being a typical housewife and wanted to make it big in life. So she began taking up small singing gigs without telling her husband anything.

“We’ve got a young boy at home, Lisa! Aaron’s only six!” Steve said, sounding frustrated. “What is he going to think of his mother?”

“He’s going to look up to me one day!” she said, looking him in the eye. “He’ll grow into a man whose masculinity isn’t hurt watching women succeed, Steve!”

“Oh, don’t you give me that!” he shot back, pointing his finger angrily at her. “What’s next? Trading your body off to someone?”

“Calm down, Steve! You have no right to yell at me like that if you can’t support what I do!” She raised her voice. “You can’t order me around!”

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“Oh really? So should I support and encourage my wife to perform in a bar full of drunk men?” he shouted. “No husband would allow their wife to do that, Lisa! And that, too, you sneaked out and lied to me when you were going for those performances!”

“So what?” she snapped. “I didn’t marry you to sit home all day, do the dirty laundry, and look after this house! I’m going to Miami this weekend!”

Steve was taken aback. “What did you just say? You’re doing what?”

“The tickets are booked. I got this huge gig in Miami. I met with the manager of a recording studio who sponsored everything,” she told him. “I’ve been offered what I always dreamed of, and for the first time in my life, I’ll do what I want, not what you want!”

Lisa then left for her bedroom to pack her bags. She heard Steve shout, “Great! Don’t forget to say hi to the pot-bellied rich!” after her, but she didn’t react. She knew she would make a name for herself, and that’s what she was looking forward to.

That weekend, Lisa arrived at the airport and was about to head inside when Steve caught up with her. “Steve?” she asked, shocked. “What are you doing here?”

“Liz, look, I’m sorry,” he said. “I…I couldn’t keep my anger in check, and I just snapped. Look, I’m apologizing for our argument. Please don’t go! I don’t feel good about this…whatever you’re going to do.”

Lisa softened a little and no longer felt angry at her husband. She held his hands and said, “I forgive you, Steve. But this is my life. I had to put my ambitions on hold when I married you, but now that the opportunity has presented itself again, I don’t want to give it up.”

“We’ll find something great for you here,” Steve pleaded with her. “Please. Don’t go, OK?”

“You’re getting worried for nothing! Everything is going to be fine, honey!” She stepped closer to him and kissed him on the cheek. “I love you and Aaron! I’ll be back soon. Promise.”

And then, Lisa left her family behind to live the life she had longed for. But neither she nor Steve could have guessed what lay ahead of them.

As Lisa landed in Miami, she stopped for a moment to admire the beauty of the city around her. Her heart swelled with pride, thinking she would make a name for herself! Lisa texted Steve she had landed and booked an Uber to the hotel where she was supposed to meet her talent manager, Greg.

“I’m honestly very nervous about the show,” Lisa told Greg while two ladies did her makeup. Greg was there, briefing her on her upcoming performance. Lisa had eagerly waited for this moment since the day she landed in Miami, but she was very nervous suddenly.

“Dear God, you look amazing!” Greg grinned as she exited the dressing room, ready to perform. “So…all set to set the stage on fire?”

“I don’t know….” Lisa said nervously. “I just want to give it my best!”

“You will!” He patted her shoulder. “Come on, let’s go!”

And Lisa did give her best that night. Two hours later, she and Greg were having a celebratory dinner at the hotel’s five-star restaurant. The event organizers were impressed with her performance, and Lisa received her first paycheck!

“I almost can’t believe this!” she exclaimed, her gaze fixed on her paycheck. She stuffed it inside her purse and raised her wine glass. “Cheers to us! And to this night!”

Their glasses clinked, and Lisa chugged the wine. “Whoa, whoa, slow down!” Greg laughed. “This is just the beginning, Lisa!”

“I don’t know…I’m just so happy!” Lisa exclaimed in joy. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this, Greg. And it’s all thanks to you. Without your help, I would’ve never been able to do it!”

“Oh c’mon, you’re talented! You deserved this!” he smiled, sipping his wine. “And well, there’s a bigger opportunity coming ahead for you.”

“Really?” Her eyes lit up.

“Yep!” Greg nodded. “Your manager’s not an amateur, after all! I’m not here wasting my time!” he laughed, and Lisa said, “Definitely not! So…what is this about?”

He put his wine glass down and leaned closer to her. “Last week, I got to meet a producer. Apparently, he’s the main guy behind the upcoming music festival,” Greg said, passing an envelope to Lisa. “Heard anything about it?”

She opened the envelope and found an invitation to the musical festival. It was addressed to her. “No way! Am I performing?” she squealed, almost taken aback.

“Yes, you are!” Greg grinned. “They want to have you, Lisa. And I already said yes!”

“Oh, my god…” Lisa’s hands went to her mouth in shock and excitement. “You did not do this!”

“You deserved it!” Greg said, leaning back in his chair. “You did it!”

“No, we did it!” Lisa corrected him, raising her wine glass again. They toasted her bright career as a singer. And Lisa felt like she was on top of the world!

“I have to call my husband and tell him about it!” she chirped. “He’s gonna be so happy…so proud of me! He finally won’t have any regrets about me coming here!”

And Steve was happy. Genuinely happy for Lisa. But he told her how much he and Aaron were missing her.

“It’s all going to be worth it, honey,” Lisa told him on call. “And after my next show, I’m going to ask Greg to let me head home for a few days. Don’t worry! I’ll be home soon!”

Two days later, Lisa performed at the music festival, and the audience just fell in love with her. Even though she was singing alongside other artists, she looked like a star, a celebrity, with all the eyes and spotlight on her.

As the performance ended and she returned to the dressing room, Greg welcomed her with open arms. “And here comes the star of the night!” he said, and Lisa gave him a tight hug.

She noticed a man beside Greg and wondered who the stranger was.

“I owe it to you!” Lisa said, pulling away from Greg and holding his hands. “Thanks for making my dream come true, Greg.”

“Well, it’s too soon to thank me,” Greg smiled, pointing to the stranger beside him. “Meet Mike, the generous man who insisted on having you here tonight.”

“Oh my god!” Lisa gasped. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t even introduce myself…I’m Lisa. Thanks for having me, Mike.”

“I bet you don’t need an introduction, beautiful,” Mike gently took Lisa’s hand and kissed it. “Wonderful, darling! What a wonderful performance! Inviting you here is probably the best decision I’ve ever made!”

“That’s very sweet of you,” Lisa smiled back nervously. “I really appreciate you doing it for me.”

“Oh no, no, no,” Mike shook his head. “Don’t thank me yet, darling. I have something for you!” Mike pulled out a brown envelope from his briefcase and gave it to Lisa. As she read the papers she found inside, she gasped. “Oh my god…I…I don’t know what to say!” she cried in excitement.

Mike offered Lisa a contract with his agency, and she couldn’t believe the compensation amount was so huge!

“Oh my god, I’ll do it!” she told him happily. “I am ready, Mike! Thank you! Thank you so much!”

Mike smiled wickedly. “I wouldn’t suggest you hurry, darling,” he said. “Not until you’ve understood my working conditions properly!”

“Conditions?” Lisa gave Greg a confused look, and he shrugged.

“What conditions, Mike? You never told me about it,” Greg said.

“If Lisa signs the contract, I will make her a star. A celebrity,” Mike promised. “But from now on, I’ll be her talent manager! Not you, Greg. I can’t pay both of you!”

“What?” Lisa gasped. “But…I owe it all to Greg! He’s literally the one who helped me reach where I am today! Look, Mike, we can’t do this—”

“I’m not done yet, darling!” Mike cut her off. “And then there’s another condition.”

Mike stepped closer to Lisa and gently slid his arm around her waist. “I’ve not had a beauty by my side in a long time…how about you give me some company in the dressing room? You know, a night together…” he said, leaning closer to her. “Nothing comes for free, darling. If you want something, you gotta pay for it!”

“Back off!” Greg pushed Lisa away from Mike. “She’s not doing it!”

Lisa was shocked and disgusted.

“Let’s go, Lisa,” Greg grabbed her hand. “I’m sorry. It was all a mistake. I shouldn’t have brought you into this!”

“Not your fault, Greg,” Lisa glared at Mike. “He’s a jerk!”

She tossed away Mike’s contract and was leaving with Greg when Mike yelled, “If you turn me down, I’ll ruin your career, Lisa!”

Lisa stopped in her tracks.

“I have influence and connections in this industry! Weren’t you just a pathetic housewife who came to this industry to make it big? Huh?” Mike scoffed. “If you don’t agree to sign my contract, your career ends tonight, darling! You sleep with me; you make it big! OR YOU GO HOME!”

Lisa’s face turned pale, and the blood drained from her face. She couldn’t give up on her dreams when she was so close to it! She had worked hard to achieve everything, and she wouldn’t let his one incident ruin her efforts.

“Lisa, don’t!” Greg suggested, seeing her pale face. He could almost sense she was falling for Mike’s trap, and he wanted to save her. But Greg was too late. Lisa had already succumbed to Mike’s deal.

Her eyes welled up as she said, “OK! I’ll do as you say!”

“Lisa, for God’s sake, stop!” Greg screamed. “We’ll figure it out! I’ll do something! Trust me; don’t do this! I would’ve never let you meet him if I knew he would do this!”

“I’m sorry, Greg. Please leave,” she said, lowering her head. “Leave the dressing room now!”

Mike grinned as he grabbed Lisa’s waist and pulled her closer. “Do you want me to kick him out, darling?” he asked, moving his hands down to grab her. “Isn’t he just a disturbance? Boys!” Mike called out to his security guards. “Throw this man out of here!”

“Lisa!” Greg shouted as two tall men grabbed him. “Don’t do this! You’re a singer! Not a hooker!”

But Lisa couldn’t do anything. She turned away from Greg as he was thrown out, and she slept with Mike that night. On the couch. In the dressing room.

Lisa felt disgusted with herself that night. She had crossed the line to achieve her dreams, but she convinced herself to forget about it and move on. As long as nobody knew about it, she wouldn’t find it hard to get over this forced one-night stand.

But just as Lisa got up from the couch and grabbed her clothes, the dressing room door burst open. “Surprise!” Steve shouted, holding up the flowers he had bought.

The gorgeous bouquet of roses slipped from his grasp as he stared at his naked wife. “What…what the hell!” he fumed. “What the hell are you doing with an unknown man…like this, Lisa?! Seriously? So this is how you make your dreams come true?! By sleeping with men?”

“Steve!” Lisa gasped, covering herself with her clothes. “I…I can explain this!”

“I was right, wasn’t I, Lisa? When I said you’d sell your body?!” he hissed.

“Steve, no, wait!” Lisa stepped closer to him, but he stepped back. “Don’t you dare come close to me!”

“And you!” Steve could no longer keep his anger in check and charged at Mike. “What did you think you were doing, huh?” He landed a punch on Mike’s face, and blood gushed out of the man’s nose. Steve was about to hit him again when Lisa pushed him away.

“Don’t you dare!” she cried. “Guards, escort him out!”

A couple of tall, tattooed men burst into the room and threw Steve out. Steve was crying as his eyes met Lisa’s, and so was she.

“When our son grows up, I’m gonna tell him you died in a car accident! Don’t you ever return to our lives, Lisa!” She heard Steve’s voice disappearing down the hallway and collapsed on the floor.

Suddenly, her gut churned, and she dashed to the bathroom and puked out all the wine she had had with Mike. As Lisa glanced up into the mirror, she could barely look herself in the eyes. She had signed a copy of Mike’s contract and sold herself to him. There was no going back.

A few days later, Lisa gave her first performance at a nightclub. It was her first ever solo, with all the attention on her. She didn’t even have the strength to walk up to the stage, but Mike forced her, and she couldn’t say no.

The crowd was ecstatic as her performance began, and Lisa gave her best, though she was tired and frustrated. Lost in her performance, she could’ve never guessed someone in the crowd was bent on ruining her musical career.

Greg stood in one of the front rows, obscuring his face with a hoodie and wearing a fake mustache to disguise himself. As Lisa’s performance was drawing an end, he pulled out a whiskey bottle from his pocket. He emptied it, then closed the cap and hurled it onto the stage toward Lisa.

The glass bottle hit her right in the face, causing a deep cut and blood to gush out of her pretty, delicate skin. Greg ran out of there as the crowd started shouting and screaming in alarm, and Lisa collapsed on the stage.

A couple of guards rushed to her side as she struggled to keep her eyes open. Someone dialed 911, but before the paramedics arrived on the scene, it all went black for Lisa.

A few hours later, when she opened her eyes, she hardly recognized the surroundings. She could make out the surrounding pale blue walls and hear the heart monitor’s faint beeping. She then turned her attention to the IV patch on her right arm.

“How are you feeling, Mrs. Moss?” a doctor asked, approaching her bedside. He examined her eyes with a torch. The light was too bright for her.

“You are lucky the bottle missed your eyes,” he said.

“Who…who brought me here?” Lisa asked. “Where’s Mike and the team?”

“Uh, as per my knowledge, you were alone when the paramedics brought you here, Mrs. Moss. But the good news is, if everything goes well, you’ll be discharged in a couple of days.”

Days passed, and as the doctor had said, Lisa was discharged. Her face now bore a big, ugly scar from her right eye to her right ear, and she looked awful. Makeup barely managed to conceal it.

As Lisa left the hospital, she didn’t know who to turn to. All her savings were gone paying the hospital bills, and she couldn’t even afford the dingiest motel.

While Lisa was still recovering, Mike terminated his contract. She was a fool not to read it properly, where it said Mike held the power to end the cooperation. Nobody in the music industry needed a singer with an ugly scar, so Lisa’s musical career was over, too.

She couldn’t even return home to her husband and son, so she stayed back in Miami, the city that barely gave her anything worth cherishing but took away everything valuable. It all seemed like a bad dream to Lisa, but her days of glamor and fame met an abrupt end.

Present day…

“So…I had no choice but to drug the tourists and rob them…to survive,” Lisa sobbed. “I couldn’t go home and tell you what I had done! I’m so sorry, Aaron, and I want to apologize to…Steve, too!”

“Dad passed away eight years ago, Mom,” Aaron said, and Lisa cried even harder. “I’m sorry….I’m sorry,” she kept repeating like a recorder. “I was a terrible mother! Terrible wife!”

“Mom…” Aaron put his arms around her and consoled her. “It’s OK; it’s OK!”

“I didn’t want you to find me like this…I never thought I’d see you again!” Lisa cried.

“Relax, Mom,” he smiled to lighten the tension in the air. “You kinda did a good job putting this man to sleep! He’s my band’s drummer, and we searched for him all night!”

“A drummer?” Lisa asked. “You…have a band?”

“Get up, Mom!” He helped her stand up. “C’mon. I gotta show you something! We can start fresh!”

Aaron took Lisa to the next room and introduced her to his band. “Guys! We got a backup vocalist for our band! Meet…my mom!”

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