Now We Know Why Dr. Oz’s Show Was Abruptly Cancelled

Fans of The Dr. Oz Show had better tune into the program while they still can because the doctor will no longer be appearing on television as of January 2022. According to a report from Sony Pictures, The Dr. Oz show will be ending its years-long run because the show’s host will be pursuing a new career. The show’s host, Mehmet Oz, has announced his candidacy as a Republican candidate running for a senate seat in the state of Pennsylvania.

Although The Dr. Oz Show will be disappearing from daytime television, it is being replaced by something that is near and dear to Dr. Oz’s heart. His daughter, Daphne Oz, along with the support of Gail Simmons and Jamika Pesso, will be hosting The Good Dish, which is a spinoff from The Dr. Oz Show. The Good Dish will launch on January 17, 2021, just three days after The Dr. Oz Show airs its final episode on January 14, 2022.

Mehmet Oz, 61, has been a controversial figure on television throughout his career because he pushed alternative and unproven methods of medicine on the program – some of which he benefited from financially. Now Oz feels that he is the only person capable of helping the United States heal from the coronavirus pandemic that has wreaked havoc on the American way of life by crushing the economy and forcing millions of people out of their jobs to struggling to make ends meet day to day.

“During the pandemic, I learned that when you mix politics and medicine, you get politics instead of solutions. That’s why I am running for the U.S. Senate: to help fix the problems and to help us heal,” Dr. Oz wrote.

Meanwhile, Sony Pictures feels that the replacement show will appease viewers who grew to love Dr. Oz and his family over the last thirteen years while the program was airing.

“Audiences have been loving what Daphne, Gail, and Jamika have been serving up during their weekly segments on The Dr. Oz Show for years,” said Sony Pictures Television executive Zack Hernandez. “We have long believed The Good Dish would make an excellent stand-alone series and are delighted to be able to deliver this fresh take on the cooking genre to our station partners and their viewers across the country.”

Meanwhile, Democrats are hopeful that people like Dr. Oz are running for election because the number of wealthy Republicans following in Donald Trump’s footsteps has increased, which is believed to weaken the Republican Party.

“The influx of unqualified, untested and wealthy Republican candidates in this race will intensify the viciousness of their intra-party fight and leave their ultimate nominee badly out of step with Pennsylvania’s general election voters,” Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesperson Patrick Burgwinkle said in a statement Tuesday. “The GOP will find Oz is no miracle cure for their mounting problems in this primary.”

What do you think about the Dr. Oz Show being canceled so he can run for the Senate?