My wife gave birth to triplets, but soon she left the children My daughter’s words in court 24 years later brought tears to my eyes

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24 years ago, I was a young man, deeply in love with a girl named Kira. She was my everything, and I couldn’t imagine a day without her. We moved in together and soon got married. I desperately wanted children, but Kira insisted on waiting and enjoying our time as a couple. Finally, we received the joyful news that Kira was pregnant with triplets – two boys and a girl. I was overwhelmed with happiness and couldn’t contain my tears of joy.

However, when I returned home after leaving the hospital to prepare for their homecoming, Kira was gone. She had left the children and disappeared without a trace. I called my parents, who fortunately lived nearby, and they came over in 15 minutes. They gladly agreed to help raise their grandchildren, while also expressing relief that Kira had left on her own accord.

My children grew up so quickly. In the blink of an eye, they finished school with top honors. My sons are now studying to become a lawyer and a programmer, while my daughter is pursuing a dentistry career. I am immensely proud of them, and they have become independent adults, often supporting me, even financially.

As you may have understood, I never remarried. At first, I had no time even to think about it, and later, I simply lost the desire. A year ago, there was a knock on my door, and when I opened it, I saw Kira, who appeared to have aged at least 40 years. I invited her in, offered her tea and cookies, but after 15 minutes, I deeply regretted even opening the door. Kira initially said she realized her mistake and wanted to apologize to me and the children. But then she mentioned that she had nowhere to live and expected my help.

Later, she demanded financial assistance from me, asking for a monthly percentage of my salary, but for what, I have no idea. I asked her to leave and warned her not to approach my children if she only sees them as a source of profit. She took legal action against me, but naturally lost the case. When my daughter saw her for the first time, she said, “You know, Kira, I always envied my friends when they talked about sharing secrets with their moms, borrowing their clothes, or using their cosmetics. I always dreamed of experiencing a mother’s warmth, having a mature friend in the family. But now, seeing what you’ve become, I can confidently say that if I had a choice, I’d choose to live my life again without you… not a single day with you.”

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