‘My Husband Gave Birth to Our Children,’ Wife Reveals and Couple Gets Criticized for It

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In a groundbreaking and heartwarming journey, a couple welcomed two children to complete their beautiful family. Yet, little did they know that embarking on this unique path to start their unconventional family would unleash a torrent of criticism and negativity from people.

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On September 4, 2023, the world was introduced to Tori and Syven’s extraordinary journey into parenthood. Tori, driven by a lifelong desire to become a parent, proudly presented their one-year-old son, Prophet, and their one-month-old daughter, Wynter, in a YouTube video capturing her story. “My husband gave birth to our children,” revealed Tori at the beginning of the video.

Reflecting on the uniqueness of their experience, Tori added, “I didn’t think it was possible to conceive naturally.” Syven said his pregnancy experiences were “perfect” despite his inevitable challenges.However, the unexpected judgment the couple encountered from others weighed heavily on their hearts. Syven confessed, “I just didn’t like being judged.”

Tori admitted that it had been a terrifying experience for them both.

How Did the Couple Get Pregnant?
At the heart of their shared journey, Tori and Syven’s experiences as transgender individuals were an essential part of their story. Syven explained how his journey to parenthood had seemed like an improbable dream due to the effects of taking testosterone for an extended period. He candidly admitted that because he took testosterone for so long and it took so long to conceive, he honestly believed it might not happen.

Their paths to parenthood were intricately woven into their transition journeys. Syven revealed that he had been assigned female at birth and had begun his transition at a very young age, around five or six years old. This profound self-awareness had driven him to take the courageous step of aligning his identity with his true self.Tori, who had been assigned male at birth, embarked on her transition journey when she was around 18 to 19 years old. She shared a glimpse into the complexities of her transition, recounting that her transition journey was a mix of ease and difficulty, involving the challenges of changing her physical identity while navigating the emotional turbulence of societal judgment and shifting relationships with friends and family.

As they reflected on their respective transitions, Syven summed up the experience with resilience and determination, acknowledging that being born female and then taking testosterone involved dealing with the realities of judgment from others, friends leaving, and family shunning them.During their journey into parenthood, they found solace and strength in their respective roles as parents. Syven cherished the opportunity to dress his son, Prophet, in a way that reflected his identity and to impart valuable life lessons. He expressed his love for being a dad, highlighting the ability to teach and protect his children as he desired.

Tori, embracing the role of a mother, brought her passion for beauty and self-expression into the mix. She humorously stated that what she loved most about being a mom was her ability to style her daughter’s hair, nails, and makeup.

The joy of discovering their pregnancies was a profound moment for the trans couple. Syven, in particular, shared the elation he felt, recalling that he was emotionally happy, and the first thing he did was call all of his family members to share the news.

The pair’s journey into parenthood was a testament to their resilience, love, and unwavering commitment to embracing the complexities of their identities and the joys of family life.

Why Was the Couple Criticized
Tori and Syven encountered mixed reactions when they shared their pregnancy news with the world. Tori emphasized people’s common misconception about transgender individuals being unable to have children, while Syven revealed the diverse responses he received.

Furthermore, Syven spoke of the positive reactions he garnered, including congratulations and words of encouragement. However, he also faced negativity, with some questioning why a man would be having a baby. Syven vividly described the discomfort of sitting in an obstetrician-gynecologist office surrounded by pregnant women who couldn’t believe the reality of a pregnant man.

Tori added that while people often stared, smirked, and giggled at them, they rarely said anything directly. Reflecting on his journey into parenthood, Syven recounted the challenges of his first pregnancy with their son, Prophet, which included severe preeclampsia and a dramatic childbirth. Tori admitted that it had been a terrifying experience for them both. Six months later, their daughter Wynter arrived, and although the pregnancy was difficult, it wasn’t as severe as their previous one.

The couple shared how parenthood had matured them and brought them closer together, and Syven expressed how their transition had actually strengthened their relationship with their parents.

Syven’s mother, Michelle, and brother, Mekhi, enthusiastically supported their family’s journey, highlighting the joy and unity they found in each other. Michelle acknowledged the challenges they faced but remained their biggest cheerleader.

Regarding the negative comments and judgments they received, Syven and Tori brushed them aside, focusing on raising their children to be successful and happy. They stressed the importance of how a child is raised and nurtured at home, emphasizing that it all starts with the family.In response to a question about changes they’d like to see to support pregnant transgender people and their families, Tori and Syven called for greater sensitivity to pronouns used in hospitals and urged people to be more open-minded, careful with their choice of words, and educated about transgender issues.

Looking toward the future, Tori and Syven expressed their hopes for their family: success, good health, motivation, and strength, with the aspiration that their children would grow up to achieve their dreams and never stop pursuing their goals.

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