My Fiancé Called off the Wedding after His Mother Forbade Him to Marry Me – I Showed Their Family Not to Mess with Me

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Emma’s heart shattered when her fiancé called off the wedding after his mother forbade him from marrying her. Brutally insulted and thrown out of their house, Emma soon turned the tables, showing those who would humiliate her what she was truly made of.

Hey everyone, Emma here! They say heartbreak halves when shared. So here I am to share my story with the world…

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It breaks my heart to type this, but you won’t believe how much influence moms can have on their babies! Even when that baby is 32 and weighs 200 pounds.

Well, I’m here to tell you how much you still mean to your child.

So, here’s what happened a few weeks back: my boyfriend, aka soulmate, aka my “forever happy place” (or so I thought), my Jared, proposed to me five months after our first date. It was such a dreamy proposal, you know.

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With all the flowers, candle-lit dinner at our favorite seaside resort, and his dramatic getting down on one knee. It was the cutest thing that ever happened to me, and I cried a big “YES!”

“Emma, this is just the beginning of our forever,” he had whispered, making me blush like a teenager.

But little did I know that “forever” had a completely different plan for us.

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Jared and I were planning to get married soon. So, he told me he would love to take me to his hometown and introduce me to his parents, telling me they would just love me.

Although I was nervous, likely pre-wedding jitters because I had never met Jared’s parents before and had only seen them in the family photos on his phone. So I was kind of anxious and afraid.

The day arrived when we were supposed to meet them, and Jared drove me to his hometown some hundreds of miles away.

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Let me tell you, I was as nervous as a deer caught in headlights as soon as he said, “Darling, that’s my home. C’mon, let’s go inside and meet my parents.”

“Do you think they’ll like me?” I asked, biting my lip.

“Of course, they will,” Jared smiled, squeezing my hand. “They’ll love you.”

I walked beside Jared as he approached the door and entered, smiling and greeting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart.

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My already fragile smile started shrinking when I saw the frown on Jared’s mother’s face. Let me tell you, the meeting was a complete disaster.

The first thing his mom said smirking when she saw me was, “Why isn’t she blonde? You know I wanted your wife to be blonde!”

My heart started to race. Can you imagine what went through me at this point when his mother said something awful like this right in my face?

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If you’re wondering if that was it, then spoiler alert: It only got worse from there.

“Mom, please,” Jared interjected, but she waved him off, saying, “No, Jared, this is important.”

Next up, I joined Jared and his family for dinner, and I was a bundle of nerves. His mom sat across from me, and I swear she could’ve swallowed me whole with her eyes.

That’s when she said, “Why aren’t you eating anything?” I nimbly took some salad, but Jared’s mother asked me why I was not eating the pork roast.

To which I said, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Stewart. But I haven’t eaten pork before and I don’t like it.”

That was it. Jared’s mother launched into lecturing how everyone in their family eats the meat all the time and ironically told me, “I’m not quite sure you can adjust to our traditions, girl.”

With defeated eyes, I looked at Jared, but he was busy smiling and enjoying his dinner. Despite being surrounded by so many people that day, I was feeling so lonely and left out.

“Tell me about yourself, Emma,” Jared’s mother then interrupted again, her tone less than inviting.

“Well,” I started, trying to keep my voice steady, “I graduated with a degree in Fine Arts. I’ve always loved painting and sculpture. My dream is to open an art studio in New York.”

Mrs. Stewart’s lips curled into a smirk. “An art studio? Isn’t that cute? Just like a little girl playing with her dollhouse.”

I felt my cheeks start to burn. “It’s more than that to me. It’s my passion,” I stood my ground with a polite smile.

“Oh, I’m sure it is,” she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “But those are just SILLY THINGS to do in life. Jared, on the other hand, is set to take over his father’s multi-million dollar business. He needs a wife with equal ambitions, not childish dreams.”

My heart sank as Jared remained silent, staring at his plate.

I was so furious but I kept calm. How could she even say that to me? And Jared? He was just smiling… didn’t say a word to defend me.

So the dinner was finally over and I got up to leave for the guestroom when I heard his mother call out to me: “Wait up, girl? Where do you think you’re going? As a rule, women in this house wash up after the men. Didn’t your parents teach you any manners?”

I clenched my teeth, holding back my anger. That’s it. She had no right to drag my parents into this. I politely told her not to talk about my family.

It hit her ego and she started arguing with me, saying things like, “I DEFINITELY can’t picture you as my son’s wife. You certainly don’t know our traditions and I don’t want such a misfit for a bride.”

Tears welled up in my eyes and I lost it completely when she turned to her precious son and declared, “JARED, I FORBID YOU TO MARRY HER!”

And you know what he said? “Sorry, Emma, but you should leave! You can’t talk to my mom like that. Please leave!”

I stared at him, my heart breaking. “Are you serious, Jared? After everything we’ve been through?”

“Just go, Emma,” he said, looking away.

Fury replaced my tears. “Fine,” I yelled, wiping my eyes. “But know this: If you can’t stand up for me now, imagine how she’d have treated me as your wife! Good luck with your new life, under your mama’s thumb.”

With that, I walked out, humiliated and betrayed. Jared didn’t come for me. He did nothing. And he said he loved me? Really?

Jared’s and his mother’s last words kept echoing in my mind as I hailed a cab to my hotel.

They wanted to see what I was capable of. Well, they got what they deserved because the next moment, I was in my room, determined I wouldn’t let Jared and his mother get away with their behavior.

“Tomorrow’s a new day,” I whispered to myself, feeling a spark of determination.

So the very next morning, I returned to Jared’s house with a bouquet of daisies and pecan pie because Jared once told me his mother was allergic to pollen and pecan nuts.

I saw Jared’s mother in the garden and approached her with the flowers and a slice of pecan pie. As soon as she saw me and the things I’d brought for her “with love,” she started barking, “YOU?? What are you doing here? Have you come to kill me with these things, girl?”

I pretended to be sad and said, “Oh, Mrs. Stewart, why do you hate me so much? I’ve come to extend an olive branch and apologize for yesterday. I promise to start eating pork, even if I don’t like it… and I promise I to be a good wife to your son and a good daughter-in-law to you.
I’m even ready to do the dishes after all the men in your house eat. I’m ready to do anything to marry your son. Please don’t call off the wedding.”

“Are you mocking me?” she hissed, her eyes wide with rage.

Soon, Jared, his father, and some of his relatives flocked around us. With a sad face, I turned to Jared and said, “Jared, honey, I love you. You know that. Please don’t call off the wedding.”

He simply shrugged it off, saying, “Emma, I can’t marry you. Get out of here.”

His mother immediately jumped in, saying, “Oh, don’t you come here dreaming about the wedding that’s NEVER gonna happen, girl. You don’t know the first thing about our traditions and I won’t allow my son to marry an immigrant like you trying to get hold of our money by honey-trapping my innocent son.”

This was it, my moment of revenge. My demeanor completely changed, and I started laughing. Jared, his mom, and everyone were flabbergasted when I took out my phone with the voice recorder on.

“Seems you all forgot,” I chuckled, “but everything you just spewed is right here! Let’s see how traditional you look on the news!”

With a triumphant grin, I turned on my heel and stormed away to my cab waiting outside as Jared and his mother came running behind me like puppies, begging me to stop. But it was too late!

Jared and his family now had long and serious conversations with my lawyer about everything his mother said to me. Did they think I was a weakling who would simply put up with their insults and let it slide? NOT ME!

What did Jared’s mother say? I was a gold-digger wanting their money, right? She was wrong! But now, that’s exactly what will happen when my lawyer sends them a legal notice.

You see, sometimes, you have to give as good as you get. Jared has been calling me, apologizing profusely, and begging me to drop the legal action. And guess what? He even admitted his mother was wrong and tried to justify his actions.

Sorry, Jared! It’s too late! I won’t be swayed. That’s it, people! I’m still dealing with the breakup and canceled wedding, but I’m glad I showed them not to mess with me. Even better? I dodged a bullet by not marrying a man who can’t stand up for his lady.

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