Met In a Nightclub, Italian Man And British Woman Fall In Love Using Google Translate

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Chloe Smith, from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, met with her boyfriend, Daniele Marisco, from Naples, Italy, two years ago.

Chloe and her boyfriend, Daniele, used Google Translate to communicate since they speak different languages.

They could not hear a word because of the loud music and did not understand each other. Also, because both speak different languages. Chloe is British, and Daniele is Italian.

They both met at a nightclub in Ibiza two years ago.

They say it was love at first sight. It was hard at first to understand each other, but they found a way. They started using Google Translate to communicate.

Their love now is bilingual since they both tried to learn each other’s languages.

The couple started talking to each other in their languages, and that’s how they started learning each other’s language.

Chloe and Daniele live together in Streatham in South London. Chloe is a makeup artist, and Daniele is a bartender in an Italian restaurant

“I noticed something thrilling about Daniele – the fact we couldn’t comprehend ourselves was never an issue. I initiated everything by asking him for his number simply because I found him so attractive,” said Chloe.

She added: ‘Regardless of not having a foreign boyfriend before, I knew I liked him, and I believed he will learn one day. At some point in life, it is expected of us to sacrifice for our love once.’

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