Meghan Markle demands chair of Prince Harry’s charity move away from husband during photo op

Meghan Markle is making headlines yet again for another faux pas.

This time royal watchers have slammed Markle, calling her “rude” as she seemingly forces a woman to stand on her other side, away from her husband during a photo op.

See the cringeworthy video below.

The awkward moment occurred Friday during the Royal Salute Polo Challenge in Wellington, FL. The Duchess of Sussex was present to watch Prince Harry and his team compete in the event.

After the event, which Harry’s team won, Markle got on stage to present her husband and his team a trophy. All five then posed for photos.

Then things got a bit awkward.

As a group of people climbed on stage to take more photos with Meghan, Harry, and his teammates, one of them, later identified as Dr. Sophie Chandauka, was awkwardly pushed into place for the photo.

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In the video, which was shared on a Royals fanpage, Harry is seen holding on to the trophy while Meghan inches closer to her husband. Chandauka, chair of Sentebale the foundation Harry co-founded and just played for, attempts to stand on the other side of Harry.

Meghan can be heard asking “Do you want to come over here?” while she appears to gesture to her left.

After a few cringeworthy moments Chandauka ducked under the trophy and settled in next to Meghan.

Commenters seemed to have mixed reactions towards Markle’s action.

“Meghan could have moved a side and let the lady stand next to him but then meghan only thinks about herself and what she wants and is scared he is going to escape…”

“Ok if people were to actually pay close attention and read the body language cues…instead of mindlessly believing the narrative that the media is feeding you, you would see that what she did there was actually give that lady the position of honour in the MIDDLE. The lady was not pushing herself in there so she went to the side…but if you notice Harry right arm was in the way because he was holding the 🏆. This made it awkward for her so Megan and the other lady GRACIOUSLY invited her to be in the middle of the two women while letting the men be on the sides. Not only was it a kind, classy move on her part but it also showed insight as to how the photo turn out best for everyone involved. This says alot about her. Kindness, Inclusivity and Brains. ❤️”

“The insecurity and rudeness of Meghan is on full display.”

“Wow, such a self obsessed woman”

Do you believe Meghan Markle was truly going out of her way to make things awkward or do you think she simply wanted Dr. Chandauka to stand in the center of the photo?

Let us know your thoughts.