MARK ZUCKERBERG, ELON MUSK ITALIAN GOVERNMENT OFFER … Fight Like True Gladiators … At The Colosseum!!!

The Ministry of Culture’s Office issued a statement saying, “There has been no formal contact from the ministry nor any written document, even if the news appears tasty it is unfounded.” Sources with direct knowledge confirm again … the Ministry first reached out to Mark Zuckerberg, then the request was forwarded to Dana White, and there was a follow-up and a call was set for next week. The Ministry added, “If Zuckerberg and Musk wanted to perform in the Colosseum they would have to make a non-violent challenge.” Our sources are scoffing at this, saying the Ministry reached out BECAUSE of the fight challenge.
That’s why Elon coyly mentioned the Colosseum in a tweet last night

This will blow your mind — an official from the government of Italy contacted Mark Zuckerberg about staging a UFC fight against Elon Musk at the most legendary battleground in the world … Rome’s Colosseum … TMZ Sports has learned.


Sources with direct knowledge tell us … the Minister of Culture reached out to Zuckerberg a few days ago about staging what could be the biggest fight in the history of the world in the most fabled fight theater in history.

Our sources say both Elon and Mark would love for the fight to go down at the Colosseum.

We’re told Zuckerberg’s people passed on the message to UFC Prez Dana White, whose people contacted the Minister.

The Rome Colosseum — Through The Years



As for the venue itself — one of the 7 Wonders of the World — there have not been large events held inside the nearly 2,000-year-old amphitheater in hundreds of years, and only a few hundred spectators can be seated in temporary seating within the theater.

Sir Paul McCartney performed inside the Colosseum in 2003 for an exclusive charity show before 400 people who paid up to $1,500 — but other than that, all other concerts have been held just outside the structure.






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