Mark Wahlberg Refuses To Deny His Christian Faith Even Though It’s ‘Not Popular’ In Hollywood.

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Mark Wahlberg doesn’t disguise his connection with God, whether it’s talking out about his Catholic religion or wearing an ash cross on his forehead on the first day of Lent.

And the “Father Stu” actor demonstrated this during a visit to TODAY on February 22, Ash Wednesday.

The 51-year-old explained his habit of discussing religion with co-anchor Savannah Guthrie as a balance. He doesn’t want to cram it down anybody’s throat, yet he does not deny his beliefs. It is an even worse sin. It’s not widely accepted in his field, but he can’t deny his beliefs. It’s critical for him to share this with others. But he has friends from many walks of life and from other faiths and sects, so he must respect and honor them as well.


During a prior interview in April 2022, Wahlberg emphasized that he maintains the same share but don’t push mentality with his four children with wife Rhea Durham.

When Wahlberg sat down with Savannah to discuss the Lenten season and the times of fasting that are part of it, he went into a deeper explanation of what works for him as a guest narrator and paid ambassador for the Catholic prayer app Hallow.

Wahlberg stated that fasting has many distinct components. The crucial thing to remember is that, first and foremost, if one has eating concerns, there are alternative options. God understands what he wants one to separate from. One has all experienced things that make them feel guilty or less than they should. So it’s about being able to separate from those things and concentrate on good habits rather than harmful ones. There are hurdles to fasting, such as not eating meat today. He ‘ll just eat one meal today, like he will every Friday throughout Lent and Good Friday.

As part of the Hallow app’s Pray40 Lent Challenge, Wahlberg will also guide listeners through encouraging lectures on the discipline of fasting.

He observed that the discipline necessary to overcome Lent’s difficulties allows individuals to be their best selves.

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At least, that’s what he’s seen.

In life, discipline has always been vital to him, he concluded. He discovered he required a lot more discipline in his life as he began getting into movies and moved from music, and that discipline has offered him so many other things. He has been rewarded so much for it, and he wants to share it with others, whether it’s via fasting, working out more, detaching from other things, or just spending more time with God in prayer or in careful study. They are critical considerations.

Wahlberg remarked that it’s everything when asked to sum up his religion

He went on to say, that it’s given him so many opportunities. Evidently, God did not come to rescue the saints. Christ came to rescue the lost. One has had things happen in their lives that have caused one to want to be better versions of oneself, and concentrating on his religion has helped him to achieve just that.

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