Marine Sgt. sings during an official MLB game. The whole crowd was left in disbelief. It’s a must watch

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The people in our military deserve a lot of respect for protecting our rights. We will never be able to fully repay them, but we can remember and thank them every day.

Get ready to hear a great performance of “God Bless America” that will give you chills. This performance makes people feel proud and excited, and it’s a powerful reminder of how much we value our troops.

We knew this soldier who sang was special when we heard about him, but his show was even better than we thought it would be. Such moving events don’t happen very often. At the end, you’ll want to thank this US Marine because you love our country so much.

The song “God Bless America” has a long background. Irving Berlin wrote it as a prayer at first, and in 1938, Kate Smith made it come to life. Kate’s work took off during World War II, and she became known as the “First Lady of Radio.” She made a big impact on American culture and patriotism.

Born Israel Beilin in Russia, Irving Berlin moved to the United States when he was five years old. By age 30, he had written a lot of hits. Berlin wrote about 1,500 songs over the course of his 60-year career, including songs for Broadway and Hollywood. He was nominated for eight Academy Awards.

It’s hard to describe how proud and energized you will feel after watching the movie below. You’ll want to get up when you get to 1:48. Amen. God bless the United States.

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