Man whose dad abandoned him at 14 teaches kids what dads normally would

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A man whose dad abandoned him as a child has become internet famous for teaching children things dads normally would, like tying a tie or shaving.

Rob Kenney is the self-proclaimed “internet dad”, has become an online father figure to millions of people, creating educational videos on his YouTube channel ‘Dad, how do I?’

A father to two children, Kenney decided to make videos on social media that cover basic life skills and lessons – things that he feels have been helpful to people without a parental or father figure in their lives.

“I will do my best to provide useful, practical content to many basic tasks that everyone should know how to do,” Kenney said about his channel.

It all started for him during the pandemic, like many people’s hobbies, and he has since managed to rake in a whopping 3.95 million subscribers.

Kenney’s daughter, Kristine, spoke about how much she admired her father, telling UpWorthy: “I genuinely think he was put on Earth to be a dad.”

Abandoned by his own father
After his father left him at 14, Kenney knows first-hand how the feelings of abandonment can affect someone. In a video, he revealed the heartbreaking moment when his father announced that he was “done raising kids,” to him and his seven siblings.

After this, Kenney had to move in with his older brother, as their mother, battling alcohol abuse, was unfit to care for him. Because of this he was forced to grow up and teach himself the basic life skills he should have learned from his parents.

Throughout his childhood in Bellevue, Washington, Kenney struggled with feelings of anger and confusion due to his parents’ absence. Though, despite how upset he felt, he made a solemn promise to himself that his future children would never suffer the way he did. Today, he is happily married and has raised two children, 26-year-old Kyle and 29-year-old Kristine.

Teaching kids basic life skills
Kenney’s family was incredibly supportive when he said he wanted to start a YouTube channel during the pandemic, and he quickly gained quite a following.

His daughter, Kristine, says that it was her father’s comforting and reassuring tone, especially during the challenging times of the pandemic, that earned him a legion of fans. As an introvert, the sudden fame on social media initially overwhelmed and terrified Kenney, but he recognized a greater purpose in helping others and continued creating and sharing content.

Beyond teaching people practical life skills often associated with fatherhood, Rob imparts life lessons and offers encouraging words. He emphasizes that parenthood goes far beyond just fixing things; it’s about sharing one’s heart with their children.

It’s so heartwarming to see Kenney being there for people who don’t have any parental figures in their lives.

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