Man Says Goodbye to His Wife as They Turn Off Her Life Support, but Then She Says 5 Words That Make Him Faint

Deciding whether to remove life support from a loved one when the chances of recovery are slim is an incredibly tough choice. Ryan Finley had to make this difficult decision for his wife, Jill, who had fallen into a coma.

Ryan was the one who found Jill unresponsive and not breathing. He did everything he could to help her until paramedics arrived, including performing CPR and praying for a positive outcome, though he knew it was unlikely.

Paramedics managed to revive Jill, but her heart and breathing remained weak. She was taken to the Oklahoma Heart Hospital, where her body temperature was lowered to protect her oxygen-deprived brain. Unfortunately, she slipped into a coma.

Ryan held onto hope, praying daily, but as weeks passed, he was told that Jill’s chances were almost nonexistent. The doctors asked him to consider ending life support.

In his diary, Ryan shared his heart-wrenching feelings, writing, “Today could be the worst day of my life. I have to decide if she lives or not.” He tried to imagine what Jill would want and made the difficult decision.With their family saying their goodbyes, the life support machine was turned off. Jill was still there, as doctors explained she was going through a final rally. Incredibly, she started speaking. She asked Ryan to take her to her favorite Mexican restaurants, Melting Pot or Ted’s.

Ryan’s faith in her recovery was proven right. Jill began breathing on her own and underwent heart surgery and rehabilitation.Although Jill couldn’t recall her time in a coma, she faced challenges with short-term memory and speech. Nevertheless, she felt grateful for the second chance at life.

The couple is thankful to be together, cherishing each moment more than ever. Their love has grown stronger through this extraordinary journey.