Man Gets Shamed After Refusing To Split $4600 Restaurant Bill Because It’s Her Birthday

An Atlanta TikTok content creator shocked his fans when he refused to split a restaurant bill after going out to eat for his friend’s birthday. Viccgotti, who has a whopping 1.4 million followers on the Chinese- created social media app, recorded a video of the dinner party descending into chaos after he only wanted to pay for the food he ate rather than split the $4600 restaurant bill evenly in honor of his friend’s birthday celebration.

In the viral TikTok video, which some people think could have been staged to get views and likes, the birthday girl goes one step further and argues that her friends should cover her portion of the meal as well. Since they all went out to dinner at an Atlanta restaurant, the birthday girl wants her friends to pay for her part of the bill in honor of her birthday instead of giving her a present.

“It’s my f***ing birthday. Why the f*** should I have to pay for something on my birthday?” the birthday girl says in the viral TikTok video.

Viccgotti, who does not want to spend more money than he has to, replies, “Why should I pay for something I didn’t buy?”

The video was recorded at an upscale Atlanta eatery where bills often amount to more than a thousand dollars per table. The clip from the content creator went viral within twenty-four hours, with more than one million likes in that amount of time.

Viccgotti and his group are shown making a huge scene after their dinner at the Atlanta eatery. In the video, Viccgotti makes himself look very cheap by pointing out everyone else’s expensive orders after he apparently tried to save money by not ordering something very expensive at the upscale restaurant. It is not clear what he ordered and whether or not it was affordable.

In the hours after Viccgotti posted the video to social media, it was shared on Twitter, where it received a warning that the video was likely staged. When it was later shared to Reddit, it was removed by moderators who said that “staged videos are not allowed on this platform.”

In the video, people are divided on whether or not they should be paying for what they purchased or if the bill should be split evenly because they were all friends at the table.

“I’m not splitting the bill, shawty; that’s crazy! You expect us to split the bill!” one man said.

A young woman added, “We come out together. We split the bill. Period!”

Another person who put on a show of disagreement by rising to his feet in outrage added, “You got lamb chop, you got steak, look at all they got, and they talk about splitting the bill. You’ll order way too much and then want to split the bill.”

Do you think these diners should have split the bill since they all agreed to go out to celebrate someone’s birthday?

@viccgotti YALL STORY TIME THIS GIRL WAS MY BEST FRIEND SINCE THE 3rd grade … and she got in frint of her other friends ans started acting funny with me they call me and our friends broke because we didnt want to pay a 4600 dollar bill #viccgotti #debate ♬ original sound – Viccgotti