Man builds gorgeous 4,000 sq ft home by hand so he can live debt-free

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Getting your own home in this country could be very expensive.

With rent prices rising exorbitantly for the past couple of years, people are looking to own a house.

However, it always isn’t that easy. Housing costs can go extremely high, while mortgages are steep.


What other options do we have?

Others opt for living in a tiny or mobile home.

Downsizing and living within your means won’t cost as much and could cut your expenses, including your bills.

Others would even opt to live off-the-grid, so they won’t have to pay much for electricity and water.

But this man in Oklahoma did something better – he built his house on his own.

Rob Brian worked hard for 25 years and decided it was time to retire.

He was in the oil industry in Alaska, and the pay was great, but he also spent a lot of it over the decades he worked.

The great thing was he owned a farm, saved some money, and had the skills to build his own house.

This was Rob’s solution to living and retiring debt-free.


He had a 330-acre land rich with natural resources, so he used what he had to build his home.

Then, he bought two old horse barns – 50-foot and 30-foot – up on a hill.

For nine years, this was his passion project working on his own day and night.

This is the fruit of all his labor – a 4,000-square-foot home down a dirt road in Mulhall, Oklahoma.

He connected both horse barns and created this lovely home.

Rob also ensured that his house would withstand the Oklahoma weather.

He used sturdy wood, straw bales, and stucco to make it resistant to heat, rain, and the tornadoes that often occur in the state.

It was perfectly engineered, making it difficult to believe that he made this all on his own.

The little accents and designs around the house are adorable little touches of Rob’s creativity.

He even got a pool on his property. What a beautiful place to retire!

Nobody initially believed in Rob’s vision and thought he couldn’t do it.

“They just thought I was nuts, thought I was crazy,” he told KFOR. “It wasn’t until the very last year when everything came together, had windows in, had doors in, that they go, ‘Oh wow, that’s pretty cool.”

Rob wanted to inspire the younger generation to go debt-free, starting with picking up a hammer.

He said that it could start from the little things like that, and they would eventually learn their way up.

One can start saving up for buying a piece of land, some materials, and tools, and their skills will help them build their dream house in the future.

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