Luke Bryan slams on brakes to rescue single mom and young kids stranded on dangerous road

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Most of us fantasise about what it would be like to spend time with our favourite celebrities or historical figures.

Money and success, however, do not always convert into compassion and understanding. Simply said, some celebrities aren’t worth meeting, regardless of how they appear on TV or in films.

When it comes to country artist Luke Bryan, I believe we can confidently say he’s every bit the kind soul we expected.

As per accounts, Bryan was on hand on Sunday morning to provide roadside help to a single mother in need.

Courtney Potts was stuck on the side of the road with a flat tyre and her two small children when a passing motorist stopped to assist her.

That wonderful stranger ended up to be none other than Luke Bryan, who then got down on his hands and knees and fixed Courtney’s tyre so she could get back on the road.
Courtney recorded the meeting, which occurred on a particularly hazardous stretch of road near Columbia, Tennessee, and posted it on Instagram, where it was well welcomed.
The mother revealed that she had hobbled her car to the side of the road when her driver’s side tyre blew out.

She got out and did a double take when she heard his voice, she explained.

She didn’t have time to be shocked as he was like, ‘Look, we really need to get you off this road because I almost hit you.’

Luke then rummaged in his truck for a spare tyre.
He really just got down on the ground and started changing a tyre, Courtney continued.

She also claimed to be a fan of Bryan’s before he came to her aid over the weekend. According to rumours, she watched the country singer play live some years ago in downtown Nashville.

He’s simply a kind man, she explained. She told her mum he went into dad mode nearly. It was more of a dad moment with all these women complimenting his butt on my TikTok. He was quite concerned about her and the tire on this automobile!

What a fantastic story! I just knew Luke Bryan was a genuine kind man! Indeed a true hero.

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