Liza Minnelli, 78, spotted for the first time in a year – and now everyone’s saying the same thing

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Liza Minnelli’s been in the public view virtually all of her life, having grown up in the searing spotlight of Hollywood before becoming famous for various TV and film roles.

Over the years the 78-year-old has had a number of issues, battling health woes and addiction, but she remains a fan favorite still to this day. That’s in spite of the more reclusive life she’s led of late, owing, if the rumors are to be believing, to her ailing condition.

Yet Minnelli was recently seen for the first time in over a year, photographed returning home from an evening out with friends in Los Angeles. It should come as no real surprise given her iconic status, but, well, people had a lot to say.

One could say that Liza Minnelli has never not known the flashing of cameras and the attention of the media. Born in 1948 to legendary actress Judy Garland and film director Vincente Minnelli, Liza first appeared on film in 1949 aged just three in Good Old Summertime.

Since then her entire life has been well-documented, with Liza following very much in her mother’s footsteps in carefully crafting a notable career in the entertainment industry.

Of late the 78-year-old has taken something of a step back from the cameras, having endured numerous health issues and struggles with addiction that threatened to derail her life.

Prior to last week, Liza was last seen in June 2023, when it was reported that she needed around-the-clock care. Such claims prompted concern among her fans, and their worry was hardly assuaged when Minnelli then disappeared for almost a year.

She was photographed for the first time since then last week, following a night out with friends in LA. The actress and singer was helped from her car and into a wheelchair at her home, with commenters online quick to air their fears over her health.

“She looks so fragile,” one person wrote in the Daily Mail’s comments section.

“Awww, she seems old and frail,” another added.

A third said: “She’s been as poorly served by those closest to her as her mother was. Absolutely heartbreaking.”

“Sad to see her wheelchair-bound. God bless you, Liza Minelli!” a fourth said.

Despite the obvious challenges she’s facing, Liza has retained much of her trademark wit and humor. In celebration of her 78th birthday, she quipped: “I wish I knew how to act my age. But kids guess what, I have never been this damn old! Just keep going baby, that’s the secret!”

As for her plans for the future, Minnelli told PEOPLE Magazine: “I am recording music again!

“And I’m involved in an exciting brand collaboration that will be announced soon.”

Here’s to hoping the legendary Liza Minnelli is health and well! Leave a comment if you’re a fan.

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