Little Girl Interrupts Troop’s Homecoming Ceremony To Give Her Dad A Hug

Rules simply don’t matter when it comes to love. Especially, when it involves being with your loved ones.

At least that’s what 2-year-old Karis Oglesby thinks.
She didn’t think twice about running out in the middle of an Army homecoming ceremony to greet her dad, regardless of protocol.Karis’ dad and his fellow soldiers were all standing arm-to-arm in formation at the homecoming ceremony at Fort Carson, Colorado.

Karis hadn’t seen her dad in eight months.
All of the men and women in uniform had been away from their families, exchanging their lives for a paycheck and rank in the army. Instead of embracing their family members, who also had to sacrifice in their absence, protocol required them to wait and stare at them in silence while a superior spoke over the loudspeaker.

Karis didn’t have time for any of that though.
She spotted her father and was so overjoyed to see him that she ran out of the crowd, passed a superior officer, and into her dad’s arms. “Cara, she made eye contact with me in the crowd and decided she wanted to say hello a little early so she ran up and gave me a big hug and I just returned the hug back to her,” her dad First Lt. Daniel Oglesby said.

Karis missed her dad a whole lot and couldn’t wait to give him a big ole hug. “She was excited. She spotted me from a couple of rows back. She couldn’t contain herself, and I wasn’t going to tell her no. Happy to see her,” dad told news reporters.

Dad did have to think twice though.
He said he had to decide whether or not it was “good practice to break formation.”






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