Little boy and girl forgotten by their parents meet a single dad who wants to adopt them

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Meet Peter Mutabazi, a remarkable single Black dad who has already fostered 36 children.
And guess what?

He’s just added two more to his loving family!


After adopting 17-year-old Anthony Mutabazi in 2019, Peter recently welcomed 8-year-old Isabella and 7-year-old Luke into his home.

“It’s absolutely a joy,” the 49-year-old dad shares with PEOPLE. “I can be their forever home.”.

Through his Instagram handle, @fosterdadflipper, he shares his journey as a foster dad.

His message?

Families don’t need to share the same skin color.

He hopes to inspire other men to step up and be active, loving fathers.

He’s deeply committed to reuniting foster children with their biological parents.

“I am a foster parent that will always, always fight for the bio parent to have their kids back,” he passionately states.

Yet, he assures his foster kids that if they can’t return to their biological families, his home is theirs forever.


Flashback to May 2020: Brenlynn, a 5-year-old girl, and Koleman, a 4-year-old boy, arrived at Peter’s North Carolina residence.

These children, affected by their parents’ drug-related neglect, were initially meant to stay with Peter for just four months.

However, as months rolled on, their biological parents became distant, ceasing visits and calls.

Peter recalls, “I’m a Black guy, they are white kids. They’re looking for a family member. But that never happened. No one took them in, no one claimed them.”

This was a bittersweet moment for Peter.

“That’s when I knew that now, I can finally be their dad,” he reflects.

Yet, the weight of the children’s loss was palpable.

“I cried all day,” he admits. “The kids literally have a parent they dreamt could come back for them. But they’ve just given up. It’s a loss. I felt the loss for them.”

He gently explained that their biological parents wouldn’t return but reassured them of their permanent place in his heart and home.

Describing his newly adopted son, Peter says Luke is “kind and sweet” with a love for drawing.

As for Isabella, she’s a lively girl who enjoys playing outdoors and aspires to be a veterinarian.

“She’s the boss of the house,” Peter chuckles.

To protect their identities, he uses pseudonyms for his foster kids and has them sport sunglasses.

Currently, “Bella”, a 2-year-old, is one of the foster children in his home.

Additionally, he recently welcomed two refugee siblings from Senegal, emphasizing, “They have a mom who loves them.”

Peter’s mission is clear: to provide a loving, stable home for children, regardless of their skin color.

“They’re white, I’m Black, but somehow we can still provide that normalcy and what every child needs: A family,” he says.

Having penned a book titled “Now I Am Known” and founded a charity, Peter’s dedication to foster children is unwavering.

His hope for the future?

To foster and adopt even more children.

“There’s so many kids that need a home,” he says. “If I can help two more, I’ll be more than happy.”

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