Keith Urban, a well-known singer, fulfilled a young woman’s last wish with a touching serenade…

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Marissa English, a 25-year-old woman, had a lot of happiness in her life before she died. She had a number of health issues when she was born, including

Her brain was filled with cysts and water. Despite her several diagnoses, she was a huge fan of the well-known musician and performer Keith Urban.

She’d always wanted to see Keith Urban sing live in concert.

Without a doubt, her desire was so intense and pure that she assembled her final group of friends to purchase tickets to his performance.

Marissa purchased it despite her doubts about her ability to attend. She was overjoyed that she will be able to see her favorite performer live in Toledo, Ohio.

Her condition quickly deteriorated, and she was unable to attend the concert. The realization that this might be the last time she saw her symbol made the poor child feel horrible and broke her heart.

After observing Marissa in that circumstance, the singer’s nurses were unable to remain neutral and filed a letter with a request.

Urban rescheduled all of his appointments in order to see Marissa. When Urban entered her room and greeted her while she was at Mercy Kids’ Hospital, the youngster felt something.

She declared it the best day of her life! The artist addressed her as his «favorite fan» while singing «Blue Ain’t Your Variety» to her that day.

It was a day that Metropolitan and Marissa would always remember as amazing!

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