Katie Holmes cruelly body-shamed after proudly showing off stretch marks

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Being a celebrity can seem like a dream to many – being able to buy a massive home, having tons of money to spend, and having thousands of people admire you.

Though, while having an almost unlimited income has its perks, being famous also obviously has its dark sides…

Having your whole life in the public eye also makes it easy to become a target for internet trolls and nastiness, and this is something most celebrities have had to deal with at least once during their career.

Katie Holmes is one of those celebrities – having skyrocketed to fame for her role on Dawson’s Creek, and also for her marriage to Tom Cruise, she’s certainly had her fair share of cruel comments.

Katie Holmes pictured in New York City in February, 2023. Credit / Gotham / WireImage / Getty.

In fact, most recently, the mother-of-one was body-shamed after showing off her rock-solid abs and stretch marks… Something that the internet couldn’t seem to handle!

Holmes was spotted strolling through the streets of New York City, radiating confidence as she displayed her toned physique. The director wore a tight black sports bra that displayed her taught tummy, pairing it with loose green Alo sweatpants and some accessories.

Once photos of her comfy getup made their way to the internet, however, things weren’t looking so cheery.

Internet users rushed to the comments section to voice their opinions on Homes’ look, saying she should have worn more clothing or at the very least covered her belly.

One person mentioned that Holmes seems to often forget to put on a shirt before leaving the house, saying it was a relatable mistake, while another said they found her stretch marks unattractive.

Not everyone agreed, though, with others remarking that it was refreshing to see a famous person showing off something that many normal people feel ashamed of. This user commended Holmes, stating that she looked “amazing.”

Another user highlighted that stretch marks are a natural part of life, especially on someone who has given birth, saying: “It’s wonderful to see her proudly embracing her stretch marks from childbirth.”

Another chimed in with: “She looks good. And I love how she’s rocking those tiger stripes without a care in the world. Y’all are sad as hell.”

Credit / Gotham / GC Images / Getty.

Holmes has always been vocal about aging, having appeared in People magazine in 2021 where she spoke about going makeup-free.

“I embrace my age with gratitude and I don’t worry about not having make up on. My joy comes from within,” she confidently told the outlet.

Then, in late September, Holmes proudly displayed her graying hair while out and about in New York, further highlighting her commitment to embracing her natural beauty.

What do you think of Katie Holmes’ choice to embrace her natural beauty and show off her stretch marks? Let us know in the comments!

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