Kate Middleton counseled being honest about her health condition

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On January 17, Kate Middleton was scheduled to have abdominal surgery to address a non-cancerous issue. Really, that’s all anyone knows. However, many are curious and have urged the Dutchess of Cambridge to explain the situation because they want to know more.

At Adelaide Cottage in Windsor, her family is supporting her while she recovers. Her mother Carole, who has given birth to twelve and a half princes and princesses, is particularly helpful to her.

Some speculate that it might be related to Middleton’s three pregnancies and her possible hysterectomy or surgery to treat her acid reflux. After surgery, she discreetly checked in and departed from The London Clinic.

It may have been viewed as a typical private problem for the Royal Family if the King of England hadn’t had prostate surgery virtually simultaneously. After he did that, there was a great deal of transparency and discussion around the issue, which highlighted Middleton’s silence even more.

“If she were here, I would tell her the same thing I tell everyone else: tell the truth,” Michael Jonnes tells ABC People. Whatever the circumstances, always tell the truth.

“No matter what, always tell the truth.” If she is lying to cover up anything, then she is just as evil as everyone else. I have no idea how her marriage is doing.

“Want to protect your children?” It may be… Truthfulness is always preferable than lying, in my opinion.

Middleton’s issues with her spouse
Rumor has it that Middleton and the heir apparent, Prince William, are not as content as they appear to be.

It is said that Prince Harry’s wife gave him a choice: get it together or become a national disgrace, due to the tension around him and his alleged “unacceptable” behavior in their marriage.

Despite Middleton’s good intentions, Jonnes cautioned about the long-term consequences for the Royal Family if she continues to hide her life from the public.

“Yes, in a heartbeat [if it affects the Royal Family],” Jonnes responded. “Authenticity is lacking if you’re trying to hide something and not telling the truth.”

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