In order to spend more time at home with her husband, Dolly Parton has decided to stop touring

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Dolly Parton is well-known both in the country music industry and among celebrities.
Although she has spent the majority of her life performing and singing, the Tennessee native has become nothing short of a legend and she has loved to entertain her horde of fans.Although she continues to make new music, the 76-year-old music legend has just announced that she will stop touring.

Dolly Parton recently explained why she will no longer be going on tour in an interview with Pollystar. She remarked:

I occasionally put on original performances here and there. Perform a few shows perhaps at a festival or during a long weekend. I no longer have any ambitions to start a full-fledged tour, though.
Instead, the 76-year-old legend of country music will continue to write songs and spend more time with her devoted husband, Carl Thomas Dean.

In 1964, Dolly and Carl Dean met in front of the Wishy Washy Laundromat in Nashville, Tennessee. Carl was 21 years old at the time, and Dolly was 18 years old. Carl immediately picked up on something unique about the young lady.

According to an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Dean said, “I’m going to marry that girl,” when they first met.

“Lord, she’s gorgeous,” I thought after that. And that was the moment when I came into being. I wouldn’t trade the last 50 years for anything in this world.
Dolly recalled that Dean “holled” at her when he was sitting in his pickup truck and saw her in a 1976 interview with the New York Times. But she declined his invitation to a date. Instead, she invited him over a few days later while she was watching her nephew. It marked the start of a love story that would never end.

In May 1966, Dolly and Carl exchanged vows in a private ceremony in Ringgold, Georgia. They were advised by her record label to put off their wedding because she had a job to think about. However, Dean and Dolly were impatient and decided to wed in Georgia as opposed to Tennessee so that no one would report their union there. There were only three people there: Dolly, Carl, and her mother.

Since then, Dolly and Carl have been deeply in love. In 2016, the pair marked their 50th wedding anniversary. They decided to celebrate by choosing to renew their vows.

Now they’ll spend a lot more time together.

In an interview with Pollstar, Parton outlined her travel experiences:

It takes a lot of time and work, and I’ve been doing that throughout my life. I like to stay a little closer to home with my husband. We are becoming older, so I don’t want to travel away for more than four or five weeks at a time. Something could happen. I wouldn’t be happy about it if someone needed me while I was gone. If I had to finish a tour early because I had a need at home and I couldn’t leave the fans behind, I would feel awful.

Fun times, Dolly! You have been incredibly kind to us! Now just relax and take it all in! We will always love you.

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