If you see square waves in the sea – stay away from the water and warn others immediately

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Of all the potential dangers there are in the sea, there’s one that isn’t talked about too often: square waves.

This natural phenomenon is called cross sea, and although spectacular to watch, it can be very dangerous for anyone who gets into it, including boats, surfers, and especially people swimming in the sea.

This beautiful marine phenomenon occurs when the waves collide from different angles and create squares in the water. The picture above is from Île de Ré, an island facing the west coast of France, where cross seas is a common occurrence.

It occurs when waves from a single climate system continue even when wind changes create other waves.

Then the waves continue at angles from each other and create this magnificent spectacle.

When the waves move this way, they can attract many viewers and curious visitors.

But what lies beneath this incredible sight can throw everything that goes up the air, including something as big as a ship.

Experts warn to keep a distance
It’s difficult to determine what caused ships to drown in the past, but researchers believe that many vessels have drowned as a result of this nature phenomenon – cross seas.

Boats and ships are supposed to sail in front of the waves but if a wave comes to you from different angles it may be extremely dangerous.

You should always stay out of the water and warn others if you see waves coming from many angles. So please enjoy them from a distance or by watching the video below.

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