I Was the Only One Who Went to My Grandma’s Birthday Brunch — After Seeing Her Tears, I Taught My Family a Lesson

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When my grandmother asked us to come to her place to celebrate her birthday, I didn’t expect my family to do what they did! Grandma was hurt by their actions, and I wasn’t willing to let my family go unpunished. So I came up with a plan that put them in their place!

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My tale starts painfully but ends on a somewhat good note. It’s all centered on my Gran-Gran, who is the SWEETEST person alive. This incredible woman practically raised me and my siblings, while our parents were busy divorcing.

I am mentioning this so the reader can understand how special and dear this precious woman is to us, or at least to me. Being the selfless person she is and not wanting to trouble anyone, she surprised everyone ahead of her upcoming 83rd birthday.

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Instead of us organizing something special for her, my Gran-Gran had planned an entire brunch at her house! She had all this planned despite her ailing health. On the day, she got up at sunrise to bake her own bread and pastries!

I found out about the event like everyone else, through invitations that my grandmother had sent a week in advance. As if making her own meals wasn’t enough, the woman had drawn and handwritten her invitations herself, DESPITE her shaking hands!

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The effort and care she’d taken to prepare for her special day were more than enough motivation for me to attend. Yet, on the day of her birthday, I was held back by work and arrived at the party 10 minutes late.

Although I hadn’t arrived on time, I had bought her a present long ago and pitched with the gift in hand. As I walked in, I found my angel of a grandmother removing plates from the table and pouring coffee down the sink.

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Confused I asked her, “Gran-Gran, did I get the time wrong for your birthday party? What happened? Where is everyone?” I asked, trying to keep my voice steady. I thought I had missed the festivities! But with a lump in her throat, my granny admitted:

“Sany, you aren’t too late, no one bothered showing up on my birthday. But it’s okay, sweetheart. I know everyone is busy.”

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My heart broke into a million pieces, and my BLOOD BOILED as I saw her eyes watering. The poor woman could barely maintain a shaky smile as she tried to pretend that everything was okay.

“Busy? Mom retired, Tim is jobless, and Sarah is ‘between jobs,’ whatever that means! They have no excuse!” I hugged my Granny. Everyone in my family had PROMISED to be there. But none of them had the decency to pitch!

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I promised to make up for everyone. As I held her, a revenge plan started forming in my head. Grandma wouldn’t have to know, but for me, it was PERSONAL now! After spending some quality time with her, I excused myself and stepped outside to make a few calls.

I had decided to teach my family a MUCH DESERVED lesson. The first call I made was to my mom. “Hey, Mom! Where are you?! Gran-Gran fell and I found her alone in the house!” My mother sounded worried as she asked what happened.

Continuing with the lie, I said, “I don’t know what happened. I arrived late for her birthday party and found her lying face down in the kitchen.” I told her that my grandma was now in the hospital getting attended to.

“This could’ve been avoided if you guys had bothered to attend,” I guilted her. “I’m sorry, Sandra, I got caught up in something, honey. I’ll go check on her now.”

“Caught up in what? You’re retired!” I snapped, unable to hide my anger. “Don’t take that tone with me!” she retorted before I could get my anger under control.

“Sorry, Mom, I am just so worried about Gran-Gran,” I lied. “Another thing I need you to do is send some money to cover the hefty hospital bills.” Feeling guilty, my mother agreed to send her share of the imaginary $2,000 bill.

After dropping the phone, I went back in and spent a little more time with my grandmother until she asked to go take a nap. Taking that opportunity, I then called all the other family members who hadn’t bothered pitching.

I called my brother, Tim. “Where are you? Why didn’t you come to Gran-Gran’s brunch?”

“Something came up,” he mumbled. “Like what? Another video game marathon?” I retorted. “She’s in the hospital, Tim. Do you even care?” His breath caught in his throat before asking, “Is she going to be okay? What happened?”

I brushed him off, telling him I was too stressed to go into the details. But I rubbed in the fact that what happened to her wouldn’t have occurred if someone had attended her brunch.

The premise of my plan was to make them all feel guilty and to hit them where it hurts: their wallets. I also fed Tim the same story that hospital bills had to be paid and everyone was chipping in some money.

“I’ll hustle some cash from a friend,” he promised. By then, my mother had already sent some money. She was also asking for an update on Gran-Gran’s health since I hadn’t told her what hospital she was admitted to.

I made similar calls to my sister and a few other relatives. Each one, feeling guilty, agreed to send money. In no time, I had collected a significant amount! I kept them all in suspense, claiming Grandma was hanging in there. I revealed that visitation would be allowed the next day.

I slept over at Gran-Gran’s so she wouldn’t be alone. The next morning, I booked a trip for her and myself to a beautiful destination she’d always wanted to visit. I surprised her with the tickets.

“Gran-Gran, pack your bags. We’re going on a trip!” I said, grinning from ear to ear. Her eyes widened. “What? How did you afford this?”

“Let’s just say I collected a few IOUs,” I replied with a wink.

We spent a week at a beach resort, enjoying the sun, the sea, and each other’s company. I made sure Gran-Gran had the birthday celebration she deserved. We took countless pictures, capturing EVERY joyful moment.

Before we left, I eased everyone’s minds by telling them that Grandma was being discharged. I said her fall was linked to stress. I told them I’d take care of her and no one had to worry.

I posted the vacation photos on social media, tagging all our family members. The captions read things like, “Best birthday ever!” and “Gran-Gran’s special getaway!” It didn’t take long for my phone to start buzzing with calls and texts.

The first one was from my mom. “But you said the money was for the hospital!” she cried. “But you promised you would come to her brunch and you didn’t,” I replied calmly, then hung up.

Next, my brother called. “What the hell, sis? You tricked us!”

“And you broke Gran-Gran’s heart,” I shot back before ending the call.

Each family member received the same response. I felt a sense of satisfaction watching them squirm. They had let her down, and they needed to understand the consequences of their actions.

When we returned home, Gran-Gran was glowing. She hadn’t stopped smiling since we left! “Thank you for this, darling. It’s been the best week of my life,” she said, hugging me tightly.

“You deserve it, Gran-Gran. And don’t worry, next year will be even better.” From that day on, my family never missed another event. They showed up for every birthday, holiday, and Sunday dinner, but they still gave me a cold shoulder for what I did.

Some of them even tried to make me feel guilty. But whenever they did, I asked them, “Do you want us to go and discuss this with Grandma?” This usually got them to back off as they weren’t brave enough to face what they’d all done.

And every time I saw Gran-Gran’s happy face, I knew it had all been worth it! But a part of me felt a bit guilty for scamming everyone the way I did.

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