Giving 20 Cents to a Homeless Man Led to a $740K Villa for My Granny!

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My father and I used to play baseball in the park every Saturday. On our way home, we always gave money to a beggar named Wayne, who knew my dad.

“One day, I’ll pay you back, Mr. Landry, every cent!” Wayne would say.

My dad would smile and reply, “I’m counting on it!”

One Saturday, I asked my dad how Wayne knew him.

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“Jimmy, I knew Wayne in college. He was always on the brink of a big discovery, but things didn’t go well for him. So, I give him what I can. He tells me it’s for lab supplies. I know it’s not true, but I pretend. And when he says he’ll share his profits, I say I believe him.”

That story really made me think hard about life for the first time.

Later that night, my dad had a heart attack during his evening run and passed away. Since my mom had died when I was born, I was left with my grandmother, Wendy.

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Dad’s software company failed after his death, and we lost everything, including our house. My grandma managed to find us a trailer she could pay for with her pension and started working at a laundromat.

But her health began to decline, and I was very worried.

One day, Gran Wendy tried to cheer me up. “Let’s go to the park this Saturday,” she said. So, we went to the park and then to the ice cream parlor. On our way out, I saw Wayne.

“Wait, Gran Wendy!” I cried. “There’s something I have to do!” I walked up to Wayne and turned my pockets inside out, finding only twenty cents.

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“I’m sorry, Wayne, but I only have twenty cents!” I said with tears in my eyes.

“Hey there,” Wayne said. “That’s okay! Every cent helps! How’s your dad? I haven’t seen him around.”

I started to sob, and Gran Wendy came running. “He’s dead,” I cried. “And we’re poor, and I’m afraid Gran Wendy will die too, and I’ll be all alone!”

Wayne looked shocked. “Listen, when my patent registration comes through, I’m going to be rich. I promised John he’d get a big chunk of my cash. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you’re all right!”

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I nodded, while Gran Wendy smiled and gave Wayne our address, but neither of us believed him.

A year later, a limousine pulled up in front of our trailer. Wayne got out and handed Gran Wendy a check for $5 million. Then he drove us to a luxury villa by the sea, which he bought for $740,000.

“I promised John he’d get his money back,” Wayne said. “A company bought my patent for more money than I can ever spend, so I’m keeping my promise!”

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With the money and the new house, Gran Wendy’s health improved, and I stopped being so anxious. Meanwhile, Wayne often visited to play baseball and shoot hoops with me.

So, my father’s kind heart and Wayne’s promise changed our lives forever.

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