Girl, 21, Moves To US To Marry ‘Grandpa,’ Says She Loves Him Genuinely & Gets Family Heirloom Ring

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A couple with a 42-year age gap shared their love story. David, 70, met his wife Jackie, 28, in the Philippines. They moved to California when she was 21 and now share their relationship online. The couple has received several negative comments, but the hate does not bother them.David, a 70-year-old man from California, is married to Jackie, 28, from the Philippines. The couple’s 42-year age gap has sparked a lot of controversy around their relationship.

David and Jackie openly share their relationship on social media, but they have been bullied with many negative comments, insinuating that their union was not genuine.

Despite all the hate they receive, David and Jackie have made it clear that they love each other and want their relationship to inspire other couples that might be scared to embrace their age gaps.

David and Jackie’s Love Story
The couple met on an online dating site called Cherry Blossoms; the website reportedly focuses on meeting Philippine and Asian women online.The 70-year-old was in the Philippines at the time they met. He gushed over how impressed he was when he saw Jackie’s profile pop up. “I practically jumped out of my chair. I was so impressed by what I saw,” he expressed.

Luckily Jackie agreed to meet up with him, but the 28-year-old said she had not seen David’s profile but believed he was a lovely gentleman. The two went on a few more dates before David returned home. He flew back to the Philippines three months later to take Jackie out on another date.

David then went down on one knee and asked Jackie to marry him after less than six months since their first meeting. Jackie received her visa 11 months after their engagement and decided to move to California with David when she was 21.

In the video of the couple sharing their love story, they go through a photo album filled with their wedding pictures. Despite not having her family with her, Jackie gushed over how beautiful the day was.

“I won’t regret marrying Dave because he’s a really nice man. He loves me, he respects me, he’s the best,” said Jackie. Fortunately, David’s mother was still alive then and saw the couple tie the knot. He said his mother loved his wife and gave her a family heirloom ring.

Throughout the process, David said he always reminded Jackie of their age gap and that he was older than her parents. He asked her if she was certain about taking the next step with him. “… Every time, without hesitation, Jackie would answer, “Yes, I do,” he said.The couple might feel secure in their relationship, but people on social media are convinced they are married for the wrong reasons.

Dealing With Mean Online Comments
David and Jackie started sharing videos of their relationship during the Covid-19 lockdown, and since then, they have built a following of 47,300 people on Tiktok.

Although they have received many positive comments about their union, there have also been a few mean ones. David and Jackie read through some of them, and people said, “What are you doing, Grandpa?” or “Lucky Grandpa.”

Jackie added, “So many label him as my sugar daddy, saying I’m a green card digger, a gold digger. But I’m not really affected because it’s not true. I know myself; I know that I am not a gold digger.”

The 28-year-old also uses the platform to answer any questions her followers might have about her marriage and her decision to marry someone 42 years older than her.

In one video, the couple jokingly responded to some of the “gold digger” comments. Jackie was seen asking David when he would send money to her family. He asked how much, and the wife suggested $25,000.

David agreed, and Jackie jokingly said, “That’s why I love you because you give me a lot of money.” In reality, Jackie has adjusted to her new life in America. She works at a local drug store and sends money to her family in the Philippines.

The two have found a system that works for them, where David covers the majority of the household expenses, and Jackie helps out wherever she can. The couple knows that not everyone will support their relationship, but the 70-year-old said he has never been happier.

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