Family Wants Justice For Man Shot While Point Gun At Cop

Cameron Lamb might be dead now but that has not stopped his family from fighting for him at every turn. It seems police were looking into a car accident when they couldn’t help but notice what appeared to be a red truck tailing what can only be described as a red mustang. The truck in question was owned by Lamb & the cops tailed him all the way back to his home not far from 41st & college.

The 26-year-old appeared to be working on his vehicle when the authorities approached his backyard. According to reports, when he saw the cops coming, his first instinct was to pull out a gun & point it at them. As such, the detective shot him & he was dead within minutes. It is not clear why he tried to point a gun at them but it’s possible he may have thought he was being targeted due to the color of his own skin. Reports say while the officers were in plain clothes, they did also have kevlar vests with the word police on them.

The department has said the cops were only there to see what was going on with the car chase incident. In response to this, Lamb’s family decided to hire Lee Merritt, a civil rights attorney, in an effort to seek justice for what happened to him.

The officer who shot him has since been put on administrative leave but the family does not think it is enough as they continue their pursuit of justice. The KCPD has since said that they would love to have a chance to sit down with Merritt & answer any questions he might have about this incident. The investigation does seem to indicate he was not in fact working on his car but in any case, no one sees how this is relevant. He was later found with his arm dangling out the window & a gun just under that on the ground.

Despite this, a lot of the people out there have been quick to slam the department for its racism as they do their best to save face in the wake of this tragedy.

In response to this, the KCPD had opted to release the transcript of what happened on the fateful day in question & it clearly shows they were actually chasing him due to the fact that he was speeding & running a red light. There was in fact one guy who was working on a car but he was not injured in the ensuing chase. The report indicates that the cops went 2 different ways as if to corner him & it is possible this may have spooked which led to the reaction of wielding a firearm against them.

The transcript does seem to indicate he never left the truck at any time & Merritt has since said it may have been inevitable. He also went on to say that he thinks the home should be sacred & that deadly force should never be used in back yards. He continued to say if they did not have anything to hide, they would have released all of the info on it by this point. He pushed for all of the footage to be released to the public.