Dylan Mulvaney hates women here are the facts.

Transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney is making waves once more, this time with his music video “Days of Girlhood,” which Allie Beth Stuckey claims will “curse your ears and eyes.”

Since Mulvaney has turned into “a symbol of the depth of depravity of the transgender revolution,” she feels compelled to confront the matter, even if she really doesn’t want to draw attention to his absurd caricature of femininity.

Verse two of “Days of Girlhood” reads:
“Monday, can’t get out of bed
Tuesday morning, pick up meds

Wednesday, retail therapy

‘Cash or credit?’ I say, ‘Yes’

Thursday, had a walk of shame

Didn’t even know his name

Weekends are for kissing friends

Friday night, I’ll overspend

Saturday, we flirt for drinks

Playing wingman to our twinks

Sunday, the Twilight soundtrack

Cues my breakdown in the bath”