Domino’s Employee Saves Birthday Girl’s Day When Friends Ditch Her Party.

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In this world, some people will disappoint you. But, on the other hand, there are also many others that are willing to go the extra mile just to make you smile!

Domino’s Australia Shift Supervisor Miles falls into that second group, and his latest good deed confirms it. It all started when Miles received a call from a mom asking to cancel a large order that she had requested for her daughter’s birthday party. It turns out, many of her daughter’s friends had not shown up.

That’s when Miles decided to do something to put a smile on this little girl’s face. Apart from complying with the mother’s request, the employee surprised her with a custom-made chocolate dessert pizza and wrote “HAPPY BDAY” inside the box.

“Skylah had a lovely birthday with two very special friends,” the mother wrote on Facebook. “The visit from Miles at our door was overly special and the biggest surprise. The love from our community has been the most memorable for our family.”

Domino’s employee Miles holding a custom-made chocolate dessert pizza topped with churros & brownies.


Despite it all, Skylah had a wonderful birthday, and we are sure a lot of it had to do with Miles going the extra mile to give her a beautiful birthday surprise. It’s people like Miles that make this world go round!

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