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When Kira’s daughter is assigned a school project to explore their family history, Kira searches the attic for clues. Instead, she finds a mysterious document that questions everything they thought they knew about their lineage. What secrets will this discovery unveil?

Kira’s daughter, Mia, returned joyfully from school, her face glowing with excitement. Kira was in the kitchen, slicing apples and preparing a snack for Mia.

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As a single mother, Kira had been raising Mia on her own since Mia’s father had left them before she was born. It hadn’t been easy for Kira, but seeing her daughter grow into such a bright and happy child made every struggle worthwhile.

“Mom! Guess what?” Mia shouted as she burst into the kitchen, her backpack bouncing on her shoulders.

Kira turned, smiling at her daughter. “What is it, sweetheart?”

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“We got assigned a project at school today! We have to write about our family’s history!” Mia said, her eyes sparkling with enthusiasm.

Kira chuckled, placing the apple slices on a plate. “That sounds wonderful, Mia. You know, I actually know very little about our family myself. This could be a great chance for us to learn together.”

Mia’s excitement was palpable. “Will you help me, Mom?”

“Of course, I will,” Kira replied without hesitation. “We’ll make it a fun project.”

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Kira’s mother and grandparents had passed away a long time ago, leaving her with many unanswered questions about her family’s past. So after they finished their snack, she decided to explore the attic, hoping to find something that would help Mia with her project.

She climbed the creaky stairs to the attic, where old boxes and forgotten furniture were covered in a thick layer of dust.

The air was musty, and the dim light from the single bulb hanging from the ceiling barely illuminated the cluttered space. Kira sighed, bracing herself for a long afternoon of searching.

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She spent hours sorting through the boxes, finding nothing but old clothes, broken toys, and other remnants of the past.

Just as she was about to give up, something caught her eye between the floorboards. She knelt down and carefully lifted a loose board, revealing an old shoebox hidden underneath.

With trembling hands, Kira opened the box. Inside, she found her mother’s birth certificate, and as she examined it, she noticed something strange.

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The name listed under “mother” had been crossed out, and her grandmother’s name was written in its place. Kira’s heart raced with confusion and curiosity.

Taking the certificate, she descended from the attic, deep in thought. Mia ran up to her as she entered the kitchen, eager to see if her mother had found anything interesting.

“Did you find anything, Mom?” Mia asked, her eyes wide with anticipation.

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Kira nodded slowly. “Yes, I did, but it’s something I need to figure out before we can use it for your project.”

Mia looked puzzled but trusted her mother’s judgment. “Okay, Mom. I know you’ll figure it out.”

Kira smiled and hugged her daughter. “We will, Mia. We’ll figure it out together.”

The next day, Kira woke up early, feeling a mix of determination and anxiety. She got Mia ready for school, trying to keep her emotions in check.

After dropping Mia off, Kira drove to the hospital where her mother had been born. The building looked old and worn, its faded exterior a reminder of countless stories and secrets it held within.

Kira entered the hospital and approached the reception desk, where a nurse greeted her with a polite smile. “Can I help you?” the nurse asked.

“Yes, I’m trying to find some information about my mother. She was born here many years ago,” Kira explained, her voice steady but her hands trembling slightly.

The nurse shook her head. “I’m sorry, but none of us have worked here that long. I don’t think anyone would remember her.”

Kira took a deep breath, not willing to give up. “Is there any way I could look at the hospital records? It’s really important. I need to find out about my family.”

The nurse hesitated, clearly unsure. “The records are not usually open to the public…”

“Please,” Kira interrupted, her eyes pleading. “I have to know the truth.”

After a moment of silence, the nurse nodded reluctantly. “Alright, but you’ll have to be quick. Follow me.”

Kira followed the nurse down a long corridor to a small room filled with old file cabinets and stacks of dusty documents. The nurse gestured to the room. “You can look in here. Please be quick.”

“Thank you,” Kira said, her voice filled with gratitude.

She began sifting through the documents, her heart pounding with each open file. Hours seemed to pass as she searched for anything that could provide a clue. Finally, she found a folder from the maternity ward dated the day her mother was born.

Kira’s eyes scanned the names of the women who had given birth that day, but her grandmother’s name was not listed. Instead, she noticed her grandmother’s name next to one of the women as the attending nurse.

The document stated that the woman had given birth to a stillborn child. Kira’s mind raced as she put the pieces together. Her grandmother had stolen her mother from the maternity ward and claimed her as her own.

Kira wrote down the woman’s name, feeling a cold chill run through her. She couldn’t believe what she had discovered.

She thanked the nurse who had allowed her to look at the records and left the hospital, her steps heavy with the weight of her newfound knowledge.

Sitting in her car, Kira stared blankly at the piece of paper in her hand. The woman’s name, Evelyn, seemed to blur as tears filled her eyes.

The realization that her entire life had been built on a lie was overwhelming. She took a deep breath, trying to steady herself.

Kira returned home, her mind racing with thoughts. She sat down at her laptop and began searching for information about Evelyn, the woman who was likely her real grandmother.

After some time, Kira discovered that Evelyn lived in a neighboring town. Determined to uncover the truth, she decided to talk to Evelyn in person.

Since there was no one to leave Mia with, Kira had to wait until school was over to take her along. A few hours later, Kira picked Mia up from school.

“How was your day?” Kira asked as Mia got into the car.

“It was good, Mom. Did you find out anything about our family history?” Mia replied, her eyes shining with curiosity.

“Yes, I did,” Kira said with a smile. “We are going right now to learn more.”

“Really? Where are we going?” Mia asked, intrigued.

“To a neighboring town,” Kira answered.

“Why are we going there?” Mia pressed further.

“It’s a bit complicated to explain,” Kira said gently. “Let’s get there first, and then we’ll find out together, okay?”

Mia nodded, feeling a mix of excitement and curiosity. “Okay, Mom. Let’s go.”

Kira started the car, feeling a mixture of anticipation and nervousness about what they might discover.

After a couple of hours of driving, Kira and Mia arrived at the house where Evelyn was supposed to live. The house was small and cozy, with a neat garden in front.

Kira took a deep breath, trying to gather her courage. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Meanwhile, Mia was buzzing with excitement, eager to get out of the car and find out what was happening.

“Come on, Mom, let’s go!” Mia said, almost bouncing in her seat.

Kira finally nodded and opened the car door. “Alright, let’s do this,” she said, trying to sound confident.

They walked up to the house together. Kira hesitated for a moment before raising her hand to knock on the door.

She knocked three times, and they waited in silence. After a few moments, the door opened to reveal a friendly old woman with kind eyes.

“Can I help you, young ladies?” the old woman asked.

“Are you Evelyn?” Kira asked, her voice shaking a bit.

“Yes, I am. How can I help you?” Evelyn replied, looking at Kira with a gentle smile.

“I… we… I think you are my grandmother,” Kira said, her words stumbling out.

Evelyn gasped, her eyes widening in surprise. Mia looked up at her mom, confused.

“But Mom, great-grandma is dead,” Mia said.

“Yes, Mia,” Kira said softly, “but I’m not sure she was my real grandmother.”

Evelyn sighed deeply, her face showing a mix of emotions. “I see. This is a lot to take in. Please, come in. I think we have much to discuss.” She stepped aside, inviting them into her home.

Kira and Mia entered Evelyn’s house, feeling curious and nervous. The house was cozy, filled with warm light and the smell of freshly baked cookies.

Evelyn led them to the living room, where a comfortable couch and armchairs awaited them. She smiled at Mia and handed her some paper and pencils.

“Here you go, dear. You can draw while your mom and I talk,” Evelyn said kindly.

Mia took the supplies and sat at a small table, quickly becoming engrossed in her drawing. Meanwhile, Kira and Evelyn sat on the couch, facing each other.

Kira took a deep breath and asked, “Why weren’t you surprised when I said I was your granddaughter? You were told the child had died.”

Evelyn sighed heavily, her eyes reflecting a mixture of sadness and relief. “Things were not quite like that,” she began.

“I was 16 when I gave birth to your mother. My parents were very religious and strict. They wouldn’t let me give the baby up for adoption, but I knew I couldn’t properly raise and support a child at that age.”

Kira listened intently, her heart aching with empathy. “What did you do?” she asked softly.

Evelyn continued, her voice trembling slightly. “I was desperate. I learned that your grandmother, who was my nurse at the hospital, and her husband had longed for a child but couldn’t have one. I suggested that she take my baby and tell everyone the child had died. At first, she didn’t want to agree, but I insisted, almost begged her. Finally, she agreed to take that step.”

Kira felt a lump in her throat as she absorbed Evelyn’s words. “Did you ever regret it?” she asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

Evelyn looked down, her eyes misty. “Yes, I did. For many years, I wondered if I had done the right thing. But then, I had two wonderful children and five grandchildren. I always feared that my daughter’s fate would turn out badly. But now, seeing you and Mia, I realize I made the right choice. I couldn’t have given your mother the life that your grandmother did. And for that, I don’t regret what I did.”

Kira felt tears welling up in her eyes. She reached out and took Evelyn’s hand. “Thank you for telling me the truth. It means so much to us.”

Evelyn squeezed Kira’s hand gently. “You deserve to know. And even though I wasn’t part of your life, I’m glad to know you now.”

Kira looked at Evelyn with a hopeful expression. “Mia has to talk about her family history at school. Would you like to come with us and share your part of the story?”

Evelyn shook her head gently. “Mia needs to tell the history of her real family, the one she knows and loves. I may have given birth to your mother, but I was never her mother. Your grandmother raised her, loved her, and gave her a life I couldn’t. I don’t deserve to be part of that story.”

Kira felt a pang of sadness but nodded in understanding. “I get it. Thank you for being honest with me.”

She stood up and called Mia, who had just finished her drawing. “Mia, it’s time to go.”

Mia gathered her things and joined Kira. “Bye, Evelyn. It was nice to meet you,” Mia said cheerfully.

“Goodbye, dear. Take care,” Evelyn replied with a warm smile.

Kira and Mia left the house and got into the car. As they drove away, Kira reflected on Evelyn’s words. She realized that Evelyn was right.

Their family, with all its history and love, was complete as it was. Blood didn’t matter; it was the love and memories they shared that truly made them a family.

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