Dad Refuses to Pay For Daughter’s Wedding after She Excludes Her 2 Siblings from the Occasion

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A concerned father showed his daughter tough love, after being forced to choose between paying for her wedding and standing by his two other kids who were discriminated against by his future-in-laws.

A Reddit user shared his predicament on the platform about his daughter Casey, who was set to wed her fiancé Max in the winter. The couple had been dating for about four years before they got engaged.

The 56-year-old father explained that he has five children in total. Aside from Casey, he is also a dad to sons Alex, 31, and Tom, 34, including an older daughter and the youngest daughter. With his daughter Casey’s wedding coming up, the responsibility of shouldering the expenses had fallen on him.

The father of five revealed Max’s family resides in another country. Unfortunately, because of the currency exchange rate, they would not be able to pay for the wedding and travel to attend simultaneously.Casey’s dad said he has no problem footing the bill for the ceremony because he only wanted her to be happy. However, it turned out, there was more in store for him other than just forking out money for the wedding.

His other children, Tom and Alex, paid him a visit along with their families while Casey was away recently. This was when he learned the shocking details surrounding the wedding.

They were discussing wedding invitations when he was stunned to discover his two sons had not received theirs. He did not make anything of it and thought Casey had not sent out the rest of the invitations to the family yet.

The Father of the Bride-to-Be Learns His Sons Were Excluded from the Wedding

It was not until the family patriarch’s oldest and youngest daughters informed him that they had already received their invitations that he started to sense something unsettling.

He called his sister, who also confirmed getting her invitation to the wedding along with her entire family, adding she had received hers a while back. Casey’s father admitted he instantly realized that something was amiss. He had a feeling it had something to do with his sons’ sexual orientation.According to him, Tom and Alex both have husbands and adopted children, so it became clear that their sister excluded them because of their choices. Oddly enough, the parent revealed none of it made sense because “Casey has always been close to them and supported them when they came out as non-binary and gay, respectively,” he explained.

Disturbed by the revelations, Casey’s father called her, demanding an explanation. What he learned made him turn his back on her. The family man wrote on Reddit:

“My daughter said that Max and his family don’t feel comfortable with couples that are not traditional and it goes against their culture, and that she hopes for my understanding.”

He told her that if that was how things would be, he would no longer pay for the wedding and would pull out from walking her down the aisle. He insisted his sons didn’t do anything wrong and didn’t deserve to be excluded from the wedding. He added that if she decided to act based on her future in-laws’ opinion and put them ahead of her own family, they might as well pay for her wedding.

Casey’s Shocking Reaction to Her Father’s Ultimatum
The devastated parent shared with fellow Reddit users how his daughter reacted to his ultimatum. He said she insulted him and hung up the phone while crying after he told her what he thought about the debacle.

Casey’s dad divulged that his other children are fully behind him on this matter while their mother, his wife, found herself torn between the kids’ situation. He explained that his spouse somehow gets where their daughter is coming from but, at the same time, agreed that her decision to exclude her siblings from her big day was unacceptable.Casey’s father further explained that it does not necessarily mean that the mother of his kids was on board with what their daughter has done. She strongly disapproves of how she handled the situation.

Still, as a mother, she feels guilty because she should be able to be there for all her offspring in their time of need or when they want to talk about their issues – even if she does not agree with some of the choices they make.

According to Casey’s dad, his beloved wife is deeply hurt by what their daughter has said because she wholeheartedly loves Alex and Tom, including their spouses and children.

In the comments section, the concerned father shared that he was bewildered about the invite snub, seeing that Tom and Alex live in the same neighborhood as their sister. He said the duo believed the postman had misplaced the invites.Until now, the father struggles to comprehend what his daughter did and why she places Max’s family on a pedestal instead of looking out for her family first. He stressed that she was the one who openly helped her siblings come out to him and explain everything to him.Casey’s dad admitted that all this time, he was unaware of what was really going on. He missed all the signs and it appeared as if the whole family knew about this except for him.

Many Reddit users expressed sympathy and support for Casey’s father, saying they commend him for sticking up for his other children. Another person commented that if this was how the future-in-laws acted toward his other kids, things would continue like this even after the wedding, especially during get-togethers for special occasions and the holidays. Tom and Alex would continue to be excluded from family events moving forward.

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