Creep In Elevator Harasses Petite Woman — Gets His Butt Kicked

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When a creep decided to “get fresh with” and harass a petite woman in an elevator, he didn’t realize who he was messing with, and he’d only realize his big mistake too late. He thought that he could do whatever he wanted and that she wouldn’t fight back. He was wrong. This wasn’t just any female, and he was about to get an elevator beatdown you don’t want to miss.

A video captured by an elevator’s surveillance camera quickly made its rounds on the internet after a woman was seen giving a pervert just what he deserved when he took his unwelcomed advances too far. Although some have claimed the clip is too good to be true, the female involved has come forward to say that’s not the case at all. According to her, this elevator beatdown was very real, and it’s all because this guy didn’t know who he was messing with.

In the footage of the spectacular yet questionable elevator beatdown, which originated in China, you first see a man leaning over the petite female to check out her rear end. Then, he moves right behind her and peers over her shoulder as she looks at her phone. Obviously uncomfortable, she moves away, going to the other corner of the enclosed space, but this guy doesn’t know when to give up. Soon, he’d wish he did, however.

After a pause, the man moves towards the woman again, coming up behind her and putting his arm around her shoulder. That’s when she decides enough is enough. Delivering a series of expert martial arts moves, she swiftly knocks out her molester in five seconds. And it only took four simple moves in rapid succession for her to do it.

With cat-like reflexes, she flings his arm off her, turns around to deliver a right hook to his face, and follows it up with a kick to the groin. Her final move, a quick knee to the pervert’s face, leaves the predator sprawled out on the floor in the corner of the elevator before the doors open and the woman calmly walks out.

Because the small woman takes down the handsy man so easily and smoothly, many were quick to claim the video was staged. Basically alleging it was too good to be true, they focused on who the woman was but ignored a couple of important details about her. The woman who delivered the elevator beatdown was identified as Du Qiao, according to a report for the sports section on Chinese portal, Tencent.

Although critics of the clip say it’s all “too smooth,” there’s a reasonable explanation for that. Yes, Du Qiao happens to be a Beijing TV host and actress. So, skeptics believed the clip was nothing more than a publicity stunt, claiming her moves were “too tightly choreographed” to be “real.” However, they are ignoring some important facts about Du Qiao. The woman not only dates Chinese professional Muay Thai fighter Xu Yan, she’s also a fighting enthusiast herself.

So, perhaps the moves seemed to come with such ease because Qiao is no stranger to fighting. She’s had plenty of practice due to years of training and fitness. In addition, when Qiao came forward to confirm that she was the woman in the video to Tencent, she insisted the video isn’t staged. “I was just minding my own business, but he forced a reaction from me,” she said.

We report, you decide. But, one thing is certain: Publicity stunt or otherwise, it’s still pretty entertaining to watch and it sends an important message. Pervs need to keep their hands to themselves. They never know who they might be messing with or how prepared their intended victim is to handle the situation. What’s more, no one will feel bad since it’s nice to see a pervert get his comeuppance. Any attempt to grope an unwilling person should end just like this.

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