Couple Adopts a 6-year-old Boy, Finds Him Nursing a Strange Baby in His Room the Next Day – Story of the Day

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Colleen and Ray brought home a young boy, only to find him nursing a baby in his room the next day. What followed were alarming revelations that changed the couple’s life forever.

Ray raised an eyebrow at Colleen preparing boxed mac and cheese. “You’re making mac and cheese from a box?”

“It’s for Ben. He’s been so quiet,” Colleen replied, stirring the cheese into the pasta. “I thought he might like it.”

Ray rubbed her shoulders. “He’s still adjusting. He’s been with us for a day. But, this might help.”

They called Ben to eat. The boy, 6, devoured his meal quickly, asking to return to his room immediately after.

Concerned, Colleen and Ray decided to talk to him. Entering Ben’s room, they were shocked to find him feeding a baby…

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“Ben, who’s baby is that?” Colleen asked.

“She’s my sister,” Ben said, looking nervous.

“Your sister?” Colleen echoed, confused.

“Not really. She’s the new foster at my old home. I couldn’t leave her,” Ben explained.

Colleen’s suggestion was to call Mrs. Campbell, the foster coordinator, but Ben protested. “No! She can’t take her back. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin, my foster parents, they’re not good people!”

“What do you mean?” Colleen asked, taking the baby from him.

“They’re evil. She’ll be in danger,” Ben insisted fearfully.

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Colleen and Ray exchanged worried glances. Ben revealed Mr. Franklin had hurt him.

Ray comforted Ben. “You don’t have to be afraid. We’ll help you.”

Eventually, Ben fell asleep in Ray’s arms, the baby safe in Colleen’s.

Ray wrapped Ben in his blanket, and he and Colleen stepped out with the baby.

“What are we going to do?” Colleen whispered. “We can’t keep the baby. We’ll get arrested.”

“I don’t know,” Ray replied. “But I don’t think Ben’s lying.”

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“WHERE IS SHE?!” Ben yelled, waking unexpectedly.

“She’s here, Ben,” Colleen reassured him as he ran to her.

“Ben, we need something concrete. What did the Franklins do?” Ray asked.

“They hit me with a belt… and videoed it,” Ben choked out.

Colleen’s eyes widened in horror. Ray asked if Ben had told Mrs. Campbell.

“No, but she must know. She keeps putting children with them,” Ben said.

Ray pondered, then decided, “Okay… okay… we’re not putting her back.”

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Colleen agreed. “But we can’t keep her secretly, Ben. I know someone else in Mrs. Campbell’s department. We can do something about this,” Colleen said, taking Ben back to bed. Later, Ray called Alana, a DCFS worker. “I’m sorry for calling late, Alana. We have a situation…”

At their home, Alana listened to Ben’s story. “Do you think Ben is lying?” Ray asked.

“I don’t think so,” Alana replied. “Kids in bad situations hide the truth. He told you means he trusts you.”

Alana admitted she suspected something was off with the Franklins. “Children get moved around from their house frequently.”

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“What should we do about the baby then?” Colleen asked.

“I’ll authorize you as her foster parents temporarily,” Alana decided. “I’ll have to be sneaky about it. But that’s my problem. Don’t tell anyone about this. Let me know if Mrs. Campbell calls you or anything.”

Colleen and Ray agreed to keep the situation discreet and protect Ben and the baby.

The next couple of days were quiet until Colleen’s phone rang. She froze upon seeing Mrs. Campbell’s name. Ben was home, so she stepped outside and answered nervously.


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“Mrs. Ferguson, how are you?” Mrs. Campbell greeted.

“I’m good. Ben’s adapting well,” Colleen rambled, hoping to end the call quickly.

“I’m calling about something else,” said Mrs. Campbell. “Did Ben say anything about his foster parents?”

“No, he doesn’t talk about his past,” Colleen replied, trying to distract her. “I was thinking he might need therapy.”

“I don’t think that’s necessary,” Mrs. Campbell responded, sounding nervous. “But if he tells you something odd, please call me.”

“Is there something I should know about his foster parents?” Colleen pressed. She shouldn’t have done that!

“No, nothing. I’m just busy, so I’ll have to go.” Mrs. Campbell said hurriedly.

Right then, Ben interrupted Colleen. “Mom, the baby is trashing around!”

Colleen’s heart flooded with joy when Ben called her ‘Mom.’ She ended the call abruptly, but then, fear gripped her heart. Had Mrs. Campbell heard them and guessed she knew about the Franklins? Mrs. Campbell called her multiple times after that, but Colleen didn’t answer.

“I got too cocky, I think. But I had this feeling that she was hiding something and not being too subtle…” She told Ray everything about the call that night.

Ray sighed. “You shouldn’t have done that. We had an advantage against her and those perverts.”

“I know, but I already called Alana,” Colleen added. “She said not to worry because they’ll find out eventually.”

“Did she tell you the baby’s name?” Ray asked.

“No, she’s still ‘baby girl,’” Colleen replied.

“I’ll stay home tomorrow, just in case,” Ray decided. “We can’t take the baby out. We have to act like she’s not here.”

The next day, Ray prepared to pick up Ben from school. As he was leaving, a truck roared down the street, slowing near their house. The driver stared at Ray and then sped off unusually fast.

“HEY!” Ray yelled, outraged. He couldn’t be sure who that was, but at the same time, Ray knew. He chased after it but lost it on a dirt path. Fear for his family’s safety overwhelmed him as he returned home.

“Alana, this can’t continue. He was outside our house,” Ray urgently explained the whole situation when she came over.

“You don’t know if that was Mr. Franklin,” Alana cautioned. “I’m close to finding concrete evidence, so we can call the police for real and stop this.”

“We can’t wait. We’re in danger,” Ray insisted.

“I’m calling my mother,” Colleen suggested. “We’ll move into her house while Alana investigates.”

Alana added, “I’ve noticed children frequently moved from the Franklins’ house. I’ve found an adult who was with them years ago. I’m waiting for his call.”

Suddenly, a loud banging and yelling interrupted them. Ray saw Mrs. Campbell and a couple, likely the Franklins, through the living room window.

“It’s them,” Ray whispered, his expression turning grave.

Colleen reached for her phone. “I’m calling the cops!” she yelled.

Ray opened the door. “Who are you? How dare you bang on my door?”

Mrs. Campbell, with the Franklins, threatened, “You know me, Mr. Ferguson! I can take your son if you don’t let us in to get that baby!”

“You wouldn’t dare,” Ray countered, “Not after what we know about you!”

Alana stepped forward as Mrs. Campbell faltered. “Cynthia, I suggest you leave before we call the police!”

“We’re taking that baby!” Mrs. Franklin declared angrily.

“That’d be a crime!” Alana shrugged. “I’ve made the Fergusons her foster parents legally.”

“You had no right!” Mrs. Campbell fumed.

“I did. And I’ve launched an investigation against you,” Alana retorted.

Enraged, Mr. Franklin charged at Alana, but Ray intercepted him. Amidst the chaos, Colleen tried to call 911, but Mrs. Franklin slapped the phone away.

“YOU WON’T CALL ANYONE! Give us the baby now!” Mrs. Franklin threatened, and the look in her eyes froze Colleen’s spine. Mrs. Franklin was a soulless, horrible woman who beat children and videotaped them!

For the first time in her life, Coollen’s hands twisted into fists, and they swung at the horrible woman forcefully. Meanwhile, Mrs. Campbell and Alana scuffled as Ben watched from his room.

“BEN, GIVE US THE BABY!” Mrs. Franklin screamed.

“Close and lock your door, Ben!” Colleen yelled. Ben complied, shutting his door.

Ray, meanwhile, managed to throw Mr. Franklin outside and soon expelled Mrs. Franklin and Mrs. Campbell from the house as well.

“I will report you for assault!” Mrs. Campbell threatened.

“We will report you for trespassing!” Colleen shouted back.

“I’ve already called the cops!!” a new voice had them all turning to the driveway, where Colleen and Ray’s neighbors, Sarah and Andrew, were staring, wide-eyed.

“Thanks, Andrew,” Ray said, breathing hard.

Mrs. Campbell smiled. “Good! Now I can tell the cops all about your kidnapping. I know almost all of them in the department! You three are the only ones going to jail here!” she threatened.

The police arrived soon after. Officer Carson, familiar with Mrs. Campbell, seemed to consider her story.

“Stop!” Alana spoke up and introduced herself to the cop. “I’m a social worker, too. And after some revelations from the child the Fergusons adopted, I put the baby in their care. It’s all official. I have the paperwork inside.” She rushed into the house.

“LIES!” Mrs. Franklin added.

“Officer, our adopted son revealed disturbing things about his former foster home,” Ray explained everything about the insult Ben faced. He also accepted Ben had sneaked out and taken the baby from the Franklins. “Our son was wrong for that, but his intentions were pure.”

Alana came out with the documents. “Officers, please take a look,” she stated, passing the papers to the policemen.

“Those papers don’t justify stealing the baby from our home! Or how they attacked us just now!” Mr. Franklin argued, pointing to his injured lip.

“Yes, it doesn’t matter what those documents say,” Mrs. Campbell insisted, dismissing the paperwork the police were examining. “The Fergusons acted illegally. Under state law, it’s kidnapping and assault.”

Colleen trembled with anger, glaring at Mrs. Campbell. “I can’t believe you,” she muttered.

Suddenly, young Ben burst onto the scene, cradling the baby. “I took the baby! I’ll go to jail, but you can’t send any other kid to that house!”

“Kid, give the baby to Mrs. Campbell,” Officer Carson instructed.

“NEVER!” Ben protested. “Mrs. Franklin was recording while Mr. Franklin beat me! They showed me videos,” he pointed accusingly at Mrs. Campbell and Mr. Franklin. “Mr. Franklin was doing stuff to other boys. Terrible stuff. He had his—” The boy made a gesture toward his pant area, and there were several exhales from the gathered crowd.

Ray and Colleen were horrified.

“He’s misunderstood,” Mrs. Campbell tried to deflect, her voice trembling.

“Do you think he’s lying?” Officer Tristan asked Alan.

“I don’t,” Alana declared, shaking her head at Mrs. Campbell. “I have proof of their irregular foster placements.”

“There are throwing around baseless accusations! I’ll sue you!” Mr. Franklin threatened.

“Don’t you dare threaten anyone here, you pervert,” Ray said. “You’ll be in jail for a long time for what you, your ugly wife, and this horrible woman have done to many kids. Check out their home, Officers. They probably have the videos.”

“We have your address right here in this document, right? Let’s go right now.” Officer Tristan began to walk to his car, but he didn’t get far.

“NO!” Mr. Franklin exclaimed and tackled the cop to the ground. The other cops rushed to help their coworker.

“Well, Mr. Franklin, you just assaulted an officer of the law,” Officer Tristan said, wiping his hands as he stood. “You’re under arrest.”

Officer Carson then decided to involve Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Franklin in the investigation. “If you’re innocent, you have nothing to fear,” he said, indicating they’d be looked into as well.

As everyone left, Ben burst into tears, and Colleen and Ray comforted him. “You were so brave, Ben. You may have saved so many other kids,” Colleen said, holding both children close.

The next day, Alana updated Ray and Colleen over the phone. “The kid, Colin, came forward. Told the cops everything about the Franklins. They’re searching their house now. Mr. Franklin is still detained. Cynthia left. But if she runs, that’ll only implicate her more.”

Suddenly, Colleen asked, “What about the baby girl’s name?”

“It’s Grace,” Alana answered. “If you want, I can help you adopt her.”

Ray and Colleen looked at each other and instantly agreed.

Later, the cops found incriminating evidence at the Franklin’s house, including videos involving Mrs. Campbell. This led to charges of abuse and worse crimes against the Franklins and Mrs. Campbell. Meanwhile, Colleen, Ray, Ben, and Grace started fresh.

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