Close friends of 30 years create ‘tiny town’ so they can enjoy retirement together

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Retirement hits differently when you’ve spent a good two or three decades working hard to ensure your needs, as well as your family’s, are met.

You’ve lived through days when you barely have the energy and drive to show up, you’ve earned promotions, and you’ve set the bar for those taking their first steps into the workforce.


When you reach that turning point that tells you you’re ready for the next journey, the peace that comes with it is priceless.

Whether quietly or with a bang, retirement is a milestone worth celebrating.
That’s probably why this group of friends decided to settle down together for the next (calmer) ride of their lives.

They planned it carefully, too. They considered buying RVs, traveling together, investing in land, name it, the ideas just kept coming.

Finally, they were able to reach a decision.
It involved a smart movement that was making its way across the country – something genius, practical, and more sustainable: tiny houses!

The couples involved in the planning knew that this was what they needed to get started.

They began by reaching out to an architect named Matt Garcia, who agreed to help bring their vision to life.

The first step was finding land big enough for everyone.
Thankfully, they found one measuring 10 acres near the Llano River.


Because they could check the first item off their list, they could begin with the more exciting part: designing and building their dream retirement homes.

In total, Matt would need to design five buildings, plus a common one where everyone could simply get together and hang out.

Each tiny house allows enough space for a queen bed, loveseat, and a full bathroom.
The shared area would also have kitchen and laundry facilities, as well as a flat-screen TV and a large table for meal time and special occasions to be celebrated as a group.

Apart from their common goal to have retirement homes built, the couples also share a common love for helping the environment.

Having retirement homes doesn’t mean fully stepping away from city life, though.
Some couples still chose to keep their homes in the city and use the tiny homes as a place of escape and relaxation.

Because of this setup, they realized that the occasionally-vacant tiny homes could be rented out and utilized as a source of income.

They’ve registered on Airbnb since.

“The Llano Exit Strategy” is quite happy with how their retirement dreams unfolded.
Pleased with their chosen name for their small community, they decided to have it written on their front gate, too.

Now that’s retirement done right!


What better way to welcome the next chapter of their lives than with your best friends in a place that brings nothing but peace and delight to all?

They agree that it takes a collective effort to keep things going smoothly.
Jodi Zipp adds that the key ingredients in making their dreams come true are open and honest communication.

“Always be honest with your friends. If you can successfully navigate everyone’s ideas for what this can be, this kind of project can be an amazing experience and the perfect way to stay connected.”

We couldn’t agree more, Jodi!

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