Bully fat-shames girl in prom pictures, boyfriend strikes back with sweetest response

In 2017, high school couple Madison Haulter and then-boyfriend Tre Booker eagerly shared on social media photos of their prom night glam.

Openly expressing their adoration toward the other, the couple unknowingly set the stage for their relationship to be tossed into the spotlight, and their social media accounts became a platform for online trolls body-shaming the young woman.

But her chivalrous boyfriend wasn’t having it and he clapped back with the sweetest response.

Keep reading to learn how this young man defended his love!

In 2017, high school sweethearts Tre Booker and his then-girlfriend Madison Haulter had been in a loving relationship for over a year, openly sharing pictures and expressions of their affection for each other on various social media platforms.

When the couple attended the Pike High School prom, they continued this tradition, posting a series of adorable photos.

Madison is seen in a full-length pink sequin gown, while Tre’s color-coordinated bowtie and corsage reflects their shared excitement and style for the special occasion.

“Prom with the loml,” Madison tweeted at the time, referring to Tre as the “love of my life.”

After dancing through the evening and enjoying each other’s company, Madison returned home and checking her social media, she found hateful comments from online trolls bullying her.

Discrediting the claim on her profile that says she’s “respecting women,” one user who goes by the name nemmio, wrote “She probably told him she was gonna eat him if he didn’t go with her.”

Another troll tweeted, “Wow. He loves you even though you’re fat.”

Not willing to be easy prey to the cyber trolls, Madison responded, writing, “Don’t see how people can be rude to people they don’t even know.”

And then she took a screenshot of the message and shared it with the world.

Within minutes, people started flooding her account with praise and support. “Miserable people never want to see genuine happiness in others. You looked absolutely gorgeous,” writes one while another shares, “Oh my word you two are just adorable. You look so beautiful!”

“So fine, literally can’t think of anyone who can pull off hot pink sequins,” pens a third.

‘God made you just for me’
The best response came from Tre, who, after seeing the rude comments that others left for his girlfriend, replied, “[You’re] not fat baby. [100] God made you just for me. [You’re] perfect.”

Tre’s comment added a whole new layer of support to the situation and the swooning online population blew up with praise for the love shared between the two.

“Way to stick up for your girl bro,” said one tweet. “A lot of dudes [are] scared to do that.”

A second shares, “Listen I’m in love with ya’ll.”

Another writes, “You guys are an adorable couple and thank you for making me feel less self-conscious. Screw what other people think, you’re gorgeous!”

Shocked by all the attention since the tweet went viral, Madison said she hopes her situation will inspire other “curvy and beautiful” women.

“This is the craziest thing ever. I never expected this to happen. I just thought my friends would reply and that’s it,” she said in an interview with Fox. “I’ve had a lot curvy girls [direct message] me and say, ‘Wow you’re inspiring me to have more confidence in my own skin.’ And I just want people to realize that you can be curvy and still be beautiful.”

She also delivers a warning to cyberbullies: “I just want people to realize the power behind their words. You can’t sit behind a computer screen and say anything you want because your words can have a big effect on other people.”

After graduating high school in 2017, Madison and Trey’s love story continues. The two still openly express their love for one another on social media, and in April 2020, the couple wed.

“Spending the rest of my life with you is the best decision I’ve ever made,” Tre writes on X (formerly Twitter).

“Best day of my life,” said Madison if the day.

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