Being imprisoned his whole life, bull is finally happy to be set free

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For anyone who wonders if animals have feelings or emotions just like us, then this article will give you the answer. A bull than was imprisoned his whole life is so happy that he is jumping from joy when he is set free. Humans are really arrogant towards animals, thinking that they have to conform to our rules and that they are here for our own amusement and they have no fear or thoughts or emotions whatsoever. What a pitiful and egoistic way of looking at the world.

A bull named bandit had been caged his whole in a barn and had not been released to run free not only once. So when the farmers decide to take him to a new place and they set him free in the barn, he starts jumping from joy and starts playing as if he was a toddler playing with joy and compassion. At first he starts playing around the barn and then he is put behind a truck to drive him to his new home. The first example that animals are just like us, beings of thought, feelings and emotions have been set.

But once Bandit is at his new home he seems happier than ever. He starts jumping, rolling in the haystack and playing with the farmer in a really heartwarming way. The video of Bandit has gone viral and has touched people all around the world. Now we all have to die one day or another, and so do animals, so if it is that hard for us not to kill them, at least let’s give them a good life before we do so because they have a soul just like us.

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