Are these the worst wedding dresses ever?

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Are these the worst wedding dresses ever?

For most brides-to-be, finding the perfect fairytale dress is the biggest concern when it comes to planning their wedding.

But for some eccentric brides and bridal designers, the big day is an excuse to rip up the rule book and showcase eye-popping designs that will stay burned on guests’ brains – albeit for the wrong reasons.

From edible gowns to bodices that bared far too much cleavage, FEMAIL examines the world’s most bizarre wedding dresses that prove that for some women, you can never look too outlandish.

series of photos sweeping the internet show the statement-making and bizarre directions that a simple white gown can take.

One flame-haired bride was snapped wearing an outfit designed by artist Lukka Sigurdardottir and constructed out of cake.

One bride left little to the imagination in a bustier dress that just about covered her nipples and showcased her cleavage

of statement-making brides donned elegant floor-length gowns that had parts of the female anatomy appliqued on the front

One free-thinking designer created an outfit on her big day made entirely out of rainbow-coloured condoms. The bodice and straps of the dress were made out of the contraceptive, while the product was unrolled to produce a cascading effect for the skirt.

While, another woman showed off a distinctive look that seemed to have the opposite message. Rather than signalling to her new husband that she was ready to start a family, the bride-to-be wore a dress that was fashioned out of nappies and shunned a jewel-encrusted tiara for a headscarf made out of a diaper.

Two women showcased a bold statement with ivory strapless gowns adorned with large padded felt anatomically correct vaginas sewn to the front.

Former glamour model Jodie Marsh gave a traditional white wedding dress her own risque twist to promote her 2007 MTV show Jodie Marsh: Who Will Take Her Up The Aisle

would certainly give the groom an eyeful as well as make a strong feminist statement, but your parents might be less happy by the choice.

And when it comes to bringing attention to women’s bodies on their big day, Jodie Marsh has some experience.

The reality show star promoted her 2007 MTV show Jodie Marsh: Who Will Take Her Up the Aisle? by wearing a white PVC studded belt strapped around her neck and across her chest, barely protecting her modesty in the process.

While no one could accuse Jodie of wearing too much to publicise the short-lived show, a designer who sent a model in an octopus-themed dress is definitely guilty of that charge.

The label dressed their model in a bizarre gown with a sheer lace top with a full, double-layered meringue skirt – and four giant padded tentacles trailing from the waist.

And in an animated twist, the wearer of the gown wears strings that mean the octopus arms are in constant motion.

But an outfit that has left wedding-watchers baffled is one devised by a pregnant woman, with a hole cut in the flowing eau de nil satin to show off her growing baby bump.

Another woman was snapped appearing to do away with a dress altogether, by wearing white lingerie bedecked with flowers, as well as a traditional veil and lace garter.

A young bride, appeared to underestimate her cup size on her wedding day.

Going braless, she turned heads in a daring bustier design that flaunted her generous cleavage. Hopefully she managed to avoid any embarrassing nipple slips.

Other brides have worn outfits that appear to symbolise a connection to loved ones.

One countryside-loving woman fashioned the skirt of her gown out of sheep’s wool. The bodice of the dress appeared to be crocheted out of the wool and featured delicate jewels.

Doing away with a traditional frock altogether, one woman stepped out in a white lingerie set that was adorned with ivory roses and gold leaves

Bride performs sultry wedding dance routine for ecstatic groom

The skirt consisted of cascades of shaggy wool – and she even brought a sheep along to the service with her.

When tying the knot with her chef boyfriend, one foodie donned a dress that looked as if it was made out of profiteroles.

The strapless creation was sure to be a hit with hungry guests.

Other peculiar frocks included a dress that resembled a tampon, a gown with a dramatic flame design on the back and one that was made out of pieces of clear plastic and toilet paper.

While fashion designers have long showcased alternative takes on the traditional outfit, including a tubular crocheted ankle-length job that evoked a giant tampon

When tying the knot with her chef boyfriend, one foodie donned a dress that looked as if it was made out of profiteroles

And in 2012 Berlin designers Alexandra Fischer-Röhler and Johanna Kühl behind avant garde label Kavia Gauche sent a model down the catwalk in a barely-there thong bikini brief, shrouded in a diaphanous veil.

And judging by its risqué nature, this is one wedding outfit bound for a beach ceremony – or more likely, confined to the privacy of the wedding night.

Karl Lagerfeld closed his 2003 Chanel autumn/winter show with Linda Evangelista parading in a bizarre combination of Bardot-style strapless bodice, white leather-look trousers, a dainty cap, a huge cascade of crepe as a veil and an overskirt that would look more at home on a loo roll than a woman on the biggest day of her life.

What on earth will be daring brides be wearing next?

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