After years of hauling trash, man who had 2.0 GPA in high school graduates from Harvard Law

The determination and grit to help his family, along with the encouragement of his co-workers, urged him to go to college and earn a degree.
And it’s not just any college, but Harvard University’s School of Law.


A sanitation worker turned degree holder.
Rehan Staton worked at Bates Trucking and Trash Removal in Maryland before he decided to return to school.

He and his brother were refurbishing dumpsters to help with the family’s finances.

Staton recounted that their family struggled while he was growing up.
He even finished high school with poor grades and only a 2.0 GPA.

“That’s why I became a garbage man – because no college took me after graduation,” he said during an interview with local news.

While working, his co-workers encouraged him to push himself.

Even though he only got low grades in high school.

He was eventually accepted to Bowie State University.
From this point on, he began to build his confidence and was able to transfer to the University of Maryland.


Many others have contributed to Staton’s success. “I had a great dad, a great older brother who sacrificed, and eventually they helped me find my way,” he shared in an interview.

Staton’s Harvard tuition was paid for by filmmaker Tyler Perry, who also played an integral part in his road to a Law Degree. At first, he thought someone was playing a prank on him, but he believed it as soon as Perry did the famous Madea voice.

The whole experience at Harvard was a game-changer for Staton. He said he had wonderful classmates and professors surrounding him. “There is no easy way to say it. But I guess growing up like in the house that I grew up in again,” he said. “There were times where there was like black mold festering and we didn’t have heat. Just constant survival every day. My brother even had to drop out of school so I could go to school,” he further added.

His great support system helped him to ultimately reach his goal. He earned his degree in Law at a prestigious school. Staton explained that his journey has just begun, and he wants to pursue a career at a law firm in New York.


As long as someone believes in you, you can do anything as long as you put your mind and heart into it.

People have commented on the video saying praises to the young man. One user commented, “Congratulations sir. I don’t know you, but I’m happy for you and yes, this made me cry. Look how 3 years went by just that fast!”

Another user commented, “Patience and determination lead to a better road.”

Staton’s journey may still be in its infancy, but we all know he is on the right track to success!

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