A policewoman held a starving baby that was abandoned in the forest, breastfed her and saved her life

Officer Luisa Fernanda Urrea starred on headlines all over the world thanks to her brave and good hearted act.

A woman named Edinora Jimenez was in the middle of picking oranges in Colombia when she suddenly heard a scream that sounded like a baby. Shocked by what she heard, Edinora headed towards that voice. It was then when she saw the unbelievable – a newborn baby abandoned in the middle of a forest.

Police officer Urrea immediately arrived in the place, and she was determined to help the new baby when she arrived. The baby was abandoned by her mother there in order to die. Not only that the umbilical cord was still attached, the baby was starving.

Immediately, the maternal instinct took over policewoman Urrea..

The officer, who just gave birth herself a while before this happend, started to breastfeed the baby, and by this – saved her life

A video clip of officer Urrea was published on Facebook, and ever since became viral and spreaded all over the world. Many people have praised the policewoman’s heroic efforts