7-month-old shot in eye while she was sleeping – family asking people learn from this

Life truly is unexpected. We never know what is going to happen. And when tragedy strikes, sometimes it leaves you without any words. This story of senseless violence is similar.

In Memphis, Tennessee, a horrible incident occurred over the weekend. A family residing in Binghampton is living through a nightmare after something happened over the weekend.

A 7-month-old baby girl was sleeping on Sunday night when gunshots rang throughout the neighborhood. A bullet came through the wall as she was sleeping, and the infant was essentially shot in the eye.

Memphis Police Department (MPD) responded to the shooting right before 12:10 a.m. and found the infant with a gunshot wound.The worried parents, Isis Gomez and Geurgen Enamorado shared that their daughter was now in a stable condition and in Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

However, the infant’s journey to recovery would be long and arduous. The media spoke to the parents about the horrific event that happened; when the parents realized their baby girl had been shot.

The young parents shared how they heard gunshots ringing in their neighborhood and realized just moments later that one had entered baby Georgina’s room as she slept.According to the parents, doctors may have to remove the baby’s eye. The family shared that they were traumatized after the event, and their older children were understandably afraid to return home after the incident occurred.

The parents and their entire family are hoping for a miracle. They also hope this incident will serve as a sobering reminder for how senseless violence is becoming more commonplace.

According to data till Tuesday, November 28, about 158 children have been treated for gunshot wounds at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital this year alone! The number has already increased since last year.

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Honestly, this is such a sobering reminder of how senseless violence can affect lives. We pray that this little girl recovers easily and is not in pain. Share this with others to give them a sobering example of senseless violence that has practically become commonplace now.